Tips to furnish your home for the very first time

April 29, 2019

Home furnishing tips

If you have a new house and want to fill it with furniture in a hurry without breaking the bank, this post is for you.

Assess your current inventory

We all love to furnish our new home with brand new decorative products, furniture that looks straight out of a magazine, but that’s not a realistic option for most of us. Without taking stock of your existing inventory you won’t be able to get a true sense of what’s needed. You can certainly add some fresh pieces. But before you start to take stock of everything you own. Before you move on to smaller items like accessories and textiles start with staple pieces of furniture. Based on its condition, usefulness, and whether or not it fits your sense of personal style evaluate each item. Write down what all pieces you wish to discard/donate, keep, etc.

Rank purchases by priority

You must have spent a fortune buying a new home and may have only a limited budget for furnishings. Most new house owners make costly mistakes in their enthusiasm to design their own spaces for the first time. They either blow their budget while making one room perfect or go into debt giving the home a complete makeover and will have no money left for other things.

It’s absolutely fine to furnish a home piece by piece. But you will need all the essential items — a sofa, a bed, a dining table, and a dresser. You can buy the rest over time.

Determine what’s missing after assessing your inventory. Based on priority, list items you need to fill your home. Then decide how much you can spend on furniture. Whenever you have some extra cash to spend refer the list and make the purchase.

Source pricey items secondhand

It is possible to furnish your home without high-end and pricey items. You can get creative if it’s not possible to buy new furniture. Fortunately, it is easy to source secondhand pieces at an affordable price. What you need is a keen eye.

Do some shopping in consignment stores and thrift shops in your area. Visit them regularly to see if there are any new items which you can buy.

While buying secondhand items make sure they are fairly clean, structurally sound and have all their necessary parts. According to your personal style source items, but they needn’t be an exact match.

Tackle your decorating in stages

There’s no need to fill up all the rooms with furniture before you move in. Make sure that you have all the essential items and the decorating part can happen at a relaxed pace. An advantage of this approach is that you will not feel rushed and will have better ideas. Also, you will have the money for big purchases.

If you spend a lot of time in the living room fill it up first and then move on to the dining room and master bedroom.

It is entirely up to you to decide which room should be on top of the priority list. Now, decide on the items to be purchased.

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