living room

While deciding on what features you will incorporate to add spark to your home décor. We know dream to self-decorate your homes or spaces or even getting it done by someone else is a very happy feeling for your home sweet home or spaces.

The design to your homes or spaces is going to be whether traditional, coastal or casual. Which color you will love walls, furniture fabrics, rugs, curtains, pillows, and other accents. Which kind of furniture you would like to go for traditional, casual, western or classic. What are the special décor features you’re going to add wall sculptures, fountains, photo frames, wallpapers or statues? But in deciding all these additions to home décor features don’t forget that the term called texture.


What Adding Texture Means?

To any space texture creates a new look, it looks finished and complete. Adding texture means creating visual interest among furnishing to any space. Here, it refers to add layering or various textiles, materials, colors and metals in any space. Like adding a soft colored pillow to your leather sofa or a fiber finished showpiece or flower vase on the coffee perfectly goes with the texture.

Texture refers to anything that you can touch and feel as well as any kind of visual display of objects. For example, a variety of different collection of potteries displayed shelves will add more texture or say visual interest to that area than any simple one framed photo on the shelves.


Diversity is the key

Space feels lifeless and soulless when there is no diversity in its feature arrangements. For example, if all the furniture in your space has got the same material and same matching linen upholstery, drapes, and pillows make your space look flat and lifeless. Add diversity it is the key to amazing décor and will add more life to any space.


Texture can be monochromatic

If you decide on colors like white and pastel shades and cool colors around these shaded then texture can be followed as monochromatic. Select whites, creams, beige even blacks. With these tricks turn a cold flat looking space into the stunning look.

Match with the existing elements

Designing a room? Don’t forget that you don’t need to replace and take out everything. Some feature is really filling in the spark to your spaces they just need to be pair or contrast match with some other textured feature to mix and add value to your spaces.

Definitely add accent pieces to spaces but don’t limit to such pieces, keep the options to different textures open. Try a mix of all new and classic colors and textured varieties. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with materials with surfaces as well. Experimenting is the latest buzz work apply in your home or any space designing.