Greymode is an online marketplace for unique artistic creations. We design and create handcrafted Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) decorative products that add value to our environment. We are committed to sell functional decorative products that are both durable and cost-effective. We have designed our products with the aim to bring joy and liveliness as they add a special touch to your living spaces. We have our master craftsmen who are experienced in giving life to our unique ideas. Our works are a combination of traditional and contemporary decor, suitable for any kind of space. We can also offer custom-made products according to your preferences. Our featured products include traditional urulis, fountains, tables and stools and planters. The best part of our designs is that they are inspired from nature. They find form in the hands of our talented craftsman and delivered to your hands right from their tables.

Alli Planter

Talking about nature inspired interior and exterior decor products; we house exotic collections of fiberglass planters ranging from small indoor planters and pots to large landscaping pots. Our designer plant pots are handmade, lightweight and can seamlessly blend with your indoor and outdoor spaces. Our unique multipurpose plant bowls can be doubled as bird feeder, bird bath or urli.

Our planters are suitable to raise all types of plants meant for indoor and outdoor spaces. Our planters are excellent to raise succulents that require only minimal watering. These planters offer an aesthetic appeal to the house. Experiencing the aura of a Thulasi Madam early in the morning has become a rare sight in the city nowadays. Our Madam Planter is a perfect match that can be placed right under an open skylight within the house. You can also feel free to place it in your balcony. This modern version of the Thulasi madam is also fuss-free and durable.

Our planters can accommodate all kinds of kitchen herbs. You can cultivate your very own organic kitchen garden for fresh herbs by using our unique planters. If you are a big fan of gardening, then you have every reason to try one of our planters and you’ll love the design and functionality of our planters. Our planters can also be used to create a living wall within the house by placing small plants in these planters. Another surprising element of our planters is that you can even grow trees like banana, indoors. Our planters are deep enough to accommodate the lengthy shoot of the banana tree. All you need is a sunny spot and a heart to experiment. Our planters will do the rest to nurture your precious plants.