Is your style preppy traditional, contemporary and clean, or modern farmhouse? If you are building a new kitchen or renovating an old one there are plenty of ideas for you to steal. Make your pick.

Play with Pattern

Prints are helpful not just to make a bedroom look cozy. Your kitchen will look straight out of an interior design magazine if you pile on prints. Start with an accent wall covered in one pattern, and add a colorful rug.

Stash and Hide

When it comes to kitchen, more the storage the better.  Behind a sliding cabinet door stash bulky appliances, like stand mixers and oven. To hold and conceal, a faster solution is to use good old baskets.

Stacked Shelving

To make a kitchen feel brighter and bigger replace upper cabinets with floating shelves. Store less-used items on the top.

Moody Hues

Want to add a hit of posh style to any cooking space? Use black. Consider “almost black” colors that are warm and rich, like cozy maroons and deep blues, for a less stark but equally chic option.

Streamlined and Simple

Transform a traditional kitchen into a contemporary one by using lacquer. It looks modern, sleek and super durable and they come in plenty of bold colours.

Juxtapose Materials

For a custom look that’s not too matchy incorporate different shades of wood, multiple kinds of natural stone, and both glossy and matte surfaces.

Colorful Lighting

Pendant lights can make your kitchen look chic. You can make a statement, and with the right ones you can even tie the whole room together. To draw the eye upward use pendant lights in bright colours like yellow.

Schoolhouse Charm

To create a fun and cheery vibe, use color and chalkboard. To leave notes have a memo board as well as stools in primary colors.

Eye-Catching Tile

To a backsplash or statement floor use tiles in playful patterns and create that major "wow" factor.

Painted Floors

Say goodbye to boring floors forever. Grab some pretty colours and paint your floors pretty.

Upper Storage

Mix both open shelves and traditional upper cabinets. To allow more light to filter in try placing shelves around a kitchen window.

Airy and Bright

Embrace the light, with a soft blue tile backsplash and crisp white cabinetry to compliment a room’s sunny view.

Painted Ceiling

To transform your kitchen, paint is the quickest and most effective way. By covering the ceiling take it to the next level. To strike an even balance, keep a few pieces of wall white.

Tiled Wall

For a modern and clean look take your backsplash all the way to the ceiling.

Classic Aesthetic

When in doubt, opt for the classics, like subway tile and bistro chairs, that are evergreen.  

Double-Duty Table

For big family meals let a rustic dining table double as a comfy prep station.

Island Storage

Use island to good use. Hide single-use items, linens, and platters under the island. To stash pots and pans hidden cabinets on both sides double up as a place.