Try these lighter takes on autumn style if summer heat is putting a damper on your fall decorating…

Add a Fire Pit

A fire pit is well suited not just in a mountain cabin or ski chalet. They’re every bit as welcoming on the shoreline too. The seaside palette will warm up if you throw pillows in autumn-leaf colors.

Create a Spot for Getting Cozy

An outdoor bed suspended from chains can combine the breezy comfort of a hammock with the cuddle-up style of a cushioned chaise. For a nice autumnal touch cover it with fabric in shades of orange.

In humid climates, mosquito nets are draped around canopy beds. For a truly enveloping feel try a more substantial fabric.

Drape a Throw or Two

In colder climates, you might reach for a tartan blanket or hand-knit afghan. For a little touch of autumn add a lightweight throw in fall colors, even if the weather is better suited for bare feet and shorts. To add a snuggly note to a comfortable chair, opt for a sweater-style blanket.

Mix in Autumnal Hues

Fake the autumn feel with colors if you are living in a humid zone. You can create a feel with wallpapers in the bathroom and bedroom. Think of cedar and rusty orange-red poppies when choosing wallpaper for your home. And bedsheets can be chocolate-brown. Keep in mind that the palette should be reminiscent of molasses and pumpkin pie.

Sprinkle in Classic Cool-Weather Accents

Decorate your home with cool weather accents like an antique scraped cider barrel, which can be used as an end table, and firewood baskets.

Don’t forget to decorate with pumpkins because nothing clearly announces fall more than pumpkins. Pile pumpkins on your front porch even if your landscape is dotted with bougainvillea and lemon trees. If you can’t get hold of the traditional orange type to try albino versions, which have a cooler and crisper feel.

Another of autumn’s greatest treasures is apples. Arrange a few on a pretty tray or mass them in a grouping of vessels, pile them in a woven basket, or tuck them along bookshelves.

If you live in a hot and humid place fall leaves may be a scarce commodity. However, from a craft store, you can buy silk ones. For a simple nod to the season tuck them in basic frames.