The Mughal Era can be described as the era of grandeur and splendour, and it heralded the beginning of a unique Indo-Islamic style of architecture, hitherto never tried or tested in the sub-continent. The artistic carpentry, the styling and the motifs, all bear the signature of the Mughal architecture. These days, we get to see many designers inheriting the legacy left by the Mughals into contemporary home decor design and architecture.  

Do you have simple pieces of furniture that needs a bit of transformation? Why not feature a colourful inlay of gemstones or an incessant stretch of carving for an iconic attraction.

Fed up with the bulky designs of the bygone era, and looking for some traditional, yet fresh makeover? Give your contemporary design a feel of the Mughal motifs.

Give your home décor a touch of Mughal art

Have a lampshade that is waiting to be painted? Grab a few Mughal candy colours and give it a romantically irresistible look.

Give a facelift to your chair with a star-shaped handle, and lend a simple, yet stylish look to your side tool with velvety purple upholstery.


Find new ways to infuse a satisfactorily rich look to your home decor with Mughal motifs.  If you are looking to spruce up the looks of your furniture, just offer an inlay of metal, and there are several materials to choose ranging from gold, copper, and silver to even variety of colours. Adding enamel to them can do wonders.  Choose a few gemstones to add a bit of panache to your furniture.

Go for inlay over the top of a dining table or in the flooring and what a fab way to bring in some fusion. Highly versatile, the Mughal art form is both free-flowing as well as geometrically precise. If you fancy yourself as a designer, then you can blend the Mughals motifs such as the crescent moon, the star, etc into any of your contemporary furniture at home. You can add to your furniture a splash of assorted hues of acrylic or ornate it with groovy semi-precious stone.

The Mughal architecture comprising the stunningly gorgeous jali work, gemstones, carvings and domes lies in the detailing of the work.  All you need to do is to study a bit of traditional Mughal-era architecture, choose the right accessories and see what goes into your contemporary home decor to give it a traditionally, yet an exquisitely modern look.