Give Your Clay Pots a Makeover with These Easy Ideas

August 24, 2017

We use clay pots mostly for keeping plants outdoors, but they will look more fabulous in your bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom.

Give Your Clay Pots a Makeover with These Easy Ideas

Here are a few ideas to give your clay pots a makeover.

House numbers on clay pots: Instead of using nail metal numbers paint your house numbers on pots and keep them close to the front door.  You can keep them with or without plants. Either way they will look unique and awesome.

In your kitchen: You can keep one or two pots near your stove and keep all the spoons, forks, and knives in them.

As table bases: For table numbers or wedding favours tiny clay pots make great bases. To use them as table centerpieces paint them gold and fill them with bright-coloured pebbles and succulents.

Cake stand: Yes! You can use clay pots as cake stands. Glue a pot base on top of a clay pot. It is that easy.

Edible Ornamentation: For cupcakes, puddings, brownies etc small unglazed pots can make great, garden-themed vessels.

Rustic Chic: Whitewash terra cotta pots and fill them with festive ornaments for instant holiday decor. They will look refined and rusty all at the same time.

Terra cotta pots for utensils: Terra cotta pots can be used for holding utensils for an outdoor picnic or party.

Gold Spray Paint: With a simple can of gold spray paint you can add shine to basic plant pots.

Decoupaged Fabric: Use a fabric with classic black-and-white graphics to wrap clay pots. They will look gorgeous.

Decoupaged Napkins: Use floral napkins to cover basic pots and they will look classy.

Antique Plaster: With some paint and plaster treatment you can make clay pots look like antique plaster.

Image transfer: With whitewashing and an image transfer a vintage look can also be easily achieved.  

Permanent marker: Using permanent markers you can paint neutral gold and white on pots and they will make a strong statement in the garden

Faux-Stone Spray: To make your home look like a beach house paint clay pots using faux-stone spray. Then use hot glue to stick scallop shells on them.   

Pastel Chalk Paint: To welcome the hot summer days out in the garden pastel-painted pots are the best. You can also make these pastel planters with chalk paint and label your plants.

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