Gardening Design Trends in 2019

January 29, 2019

Gardening design

Here are a few gardening trends to follow in 2019.


A dishevelled, messy garden can cause a lot of stress. Gardeners are trying to simplify their gardens, which is more practical considering the busy world we live in.

Group together mostly perennial plants based on their watering needs. Talk to a master gardener in your community for plant suggestions. You can consider removing trees that don’t provide any ecological benefits and can be messy. To do the dirty work while you are away, invest in an irrigation system.


When you can make your yard feel like you’re on vacation all year round is there any need to go on a vacation? It is not that difficult to create a staycation spot in your backyard. But before you embark on the project a few reminders:

  • Keep it low maintenance
  • To enjoy music set up a weatherproof speaker system
  • Include a comfy lounge chair and a fire feature
  • Include lighting
  • If you love to cook, install an outdoor kitchen.


It is not possible to get rid of some basic structures in the garden like boxes, walls, and sheds. Why not make them beautiful since you are going to see them every day? Rather than eyesores, you can make them the focal points of your gardens.

Try these creative ideas:

  • Create a rustic pool house from salvaged materials like antique iron gates and rough barn wood  
  • Create an outdoor dining pavilion out of any existing structure


The best place to unwind is a garden. It is easy to create a getaway in a larger garden. That can be the nook for you to entertain friends or curl up with a book or even medicate. You can even create a yoga room. A few pointers to remember while creating a retreat is:    

  • Include a water feature like a fountain or a pond
  • Bring in lush plants
  • Provide ample seating
  • To separate the area from the rest of the space build a wall


Every time you enter your home a well-designed front yard creates a sense of joy. Hence more and more homeowners are trying to make an impactful entrance. Here are a few tips to make an impressive front yard.

  • Add more scented plants
  • Add seasonal containers
  • Install dramatic lighting
  • Match pots with your front door
  • Create a walkway paved with stones that are easy maintenance


It is not a new trend to grow food. But homegrown vegetable gardens are more fashionable now. And you don’t need acres of land to grow vegetables. A balcony or terrace is all you need.

Here are a few suggestions if you are planning to grow a vegetable garden.

  • You can start with a pot or two in your front or back porch.
  • In front of your kitchen window hang planters.
  • Use a vertical planter to grow herbs on your walls.

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