Here’s the truth, creating a beautiful garden is a lot easier than you think. This quick guide sheds light upon a couple of interesting ways to transform your boring garden lot into something fabulous.

Garden Furniture

Create privacy

One of the best ways to create a more private outdoor space is to plant tall shrubs like Duranta. It stays evergreen and adds a lush green beauty to your garden.

Concrete pavement

Stamped concrete replicates other natural stones and brick. It is a suitable option to beautify your garden area. Stamped concrete serves as an ideal paving choice as it offers a cost-effective way to spruce up your garden pavement without compromising on the authentic look of expensive stones. Choose the colors and patterns for your stamped concrete in such a way that it blends with the rest of your indoor flooring. Stamped concrete can also be given a different texture with epoxy staining.

Create a shady spot

Sometimes the sun can be a little too much, that’s why you have to create your own shade with trees, patio umbrellas or awnings. Concrete pergolas are a great hit and they are also cost-effective.

Comfortable seats

No outdoor space is complete without appropriate outdoor furniture to relax on, especially those that replicate nature such as wicker furniture. Natural tree furniture made from cut, treated and polished tree trunk is a great feature. If you feel your budget wouldn’t let room for that, you can go for FRP products that are designed to look like natural wood. These products are durable and require minimum maintenance and are ideal choices for garden furniture.

Add water features

Water features are not only beautiful; they can also muffle noise in loud or busy areas. Include an attractive water fountain. Choose nature-inspired designs like pots, bamboo and FRP plants with water flowing down the leaves.

Attract wildlife

Adding bird feeders, bird baths, ponds and nectar-rich plants to your garden will attract wildlife and bring nature to you. Add natural elements like urulis, filled with water. It could serve as a cute bird bath and also helps the birds to quench their thirst on a hot summer afternoon.

Add fun with flowers

Get creative with your flowers by using living walls, window planters and cemented planters. There are various designs in FRP that resemble terracotta planters, but only that they are much durable and require less maintenance than the terracotta pots that might break on continuous exposure to the sun or excess moisture on rainy days.

Light up your garden

Make sure there’s enough light to admire your outdoor garden at night. Add LED lights that are subtle and not too overwhelming. You can also paint a few stepping stones with glow-in-the-dark paint.