5 Fabulous Garden Decorating Ideas

March 09, 2016

Greener Gift Today- Securing the World Always

If you have the determination and passion then all you need is some inspiration to get your creativity do the talking. All it takes is little bit of interest to come up with simple garden gift ideas that can be economical yet unique. All you need to know is that the person whom you are looking to give the gift should whole heartedly love growing plants. All you need to do is; simply pick up old tins from your kitchen store room, colour them up with bright colours that make them look all new and fresh. Then plant your favourite edible herbs and place them on the window sill. So here you have come up with some great container gardening ideas that you can get it ready as a collection. And here your gift to your loved ones and friends are ready for dispatch.

Suzhal Planter

Determine Soil Health

If you have ever thought of having a healthy and happy plants be it indoor or outdoor; then we bet you need to understand whether your plants are thriving or just surviving. Good garden comprises of healthy plants and that shows your garden is a happy home. You need to follow few handy steps to make your garden a happy paradise.

  • Regularly check the soil for its structure, pH content, moisture, composition of organic matter and other nutrients.
  • Apply soil amendments from time to time.
  • Add adequate water for the plants to derive soil nutrients.

Make periodical soil deposits in the form of soil topping and get valuable returns in the form of having a healthy soil bank to support happily growing plants. This helps your plants make decent withdrawals to stay healthy.

This was one way of having happy plants around. If you have landscaping and creating unique gardens in your mind then we can help you by guiding with features that makes your endeavor look stunning like never before.

Adequate Water

Healthy soil comprises of 25%water. Water plays a major role in adding the look to any garden. The best gardens in the world would undoubtedly sport one of the best cool water bodies that make it look all the more magnificent. Elaborate garden water features is going to make your garden a show stopper. You can add plenty be it from the likes of still calm reflective pools, water jets, coloured rills and even the soft gurgling sound of fountain water that drives its way to the garden pool beside.

Luminaries to the Landscape

Get a skilled decorator to help you with the installation of lights around the pool and the fountain. Appropriate light connections or rather going the eco- friendly way solar powered lamps at the right places can get any passerby come again for a second glance.

Stone finishing with Pond and Musical Fountain in tow

And you can choose between slate, stone, marble or any metal that can give its sheen to make a natural glow to the whole garden appeal. The pond feature in your garden with stone and mortar walls is sure to fill your garden with tranquillity and ambience. Musical fountains with solar controlled lamps and quiet pools to quench your thirst for pro nature creativity.

Revitalizing Garden fence with planters and Bird Feeders

Also you can keep attractive urns around the garden stone wall and this can be a good gift idea for garden lovers and nature enthusiasts who have allocated a part of their living spaces for plants. Bird bath and bird feeders can also be added features to infuse more life to your garden space.

Inexpensive yet beautiful pot decorations

Make your own terra cotta pot decorations during your free time and you can consider it a gift worthy enough to delight your close ones. Another idea could be to add beautiful laces tied around the pots and urns in simple rangoli designs or it can either be inspired by geometrical shapes. And for this you can have your kids to give you company to get the laces turn into eye catching confessions on the pots. And yes it is ready to be shown off as a piece of vanity in your patio or on the window to house succulents or cacti in it.

You have the will and we provide you with endless choices to make your plants feel truly ecstatic in your imaginative yet brilliant creation.

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