Home offices can be the most neglected spaces. They can be unfriendly and messy forcing us to work elsewhere like the kitchen, bed or the couch.

If you work from home then your home office should inspire the flow of creativity. To update your own inspiring space here are some tips that will make you want to get to work.

Think Chic

Your space should reflect your unique personality and inspire you. So don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity. If you want a functional as well as fashionable space, go ahead and design it. To add some drama you can have a black accent wall. For some glamour and glitz add a chandelier above the desk. But always remember to keep the space organized using sideboards and storage units. By refreshing the lighting you can glam up a home office. Pendant lights and gold detailing will give your work space a professional and luxurious feel.

Add green

If you want to stay longer in your home office you need to breathe some life into your space. Keep the space, clean, ergonomic, practical, and comfortable. To clean the air and keep you calm have a lovely plant.  

Get artsy

Decorate with images that reflect your personality. To make you feel motivated and energized fill your office with vibrant art.  

Find the rug

For soothing sound-absorption and to add visual interest ground your space with a colorful area rug. You can opt for multi-colored rug or a neutral gray rug based on the wall colours. To make the room look more sleek, keep the furniture simple. To give the room some texture, add in some green foliage.

Practice Hygge

You don’t want to nap in your home office. So don’t make it too cozy but it should be welcoming. To create a simple yet cozy working space, opt for natural wood furniture and neutral colors on your walls. For some texture add plants and some kind of textile, like rugs or a yarn wall hanging, throw pillows, and blankets.

Hang a gallery wall

Crowd your office space with what you love. You can have a gallery wall, but make sure that it look harmonious. To hold your prints up use removable wall strips. The advantage is that you can change the look of the wall.

Mix old and new

To make a home feel lived in, warm and personal you need to mix vintage and modern. You can have colourful chairs paired with a gorgeous antique rug. To balance the colour the wall art can be black and white images.

Let light in

Bring the outdoors indoors. You can make a space look bigger by letting the natural light in. Use fogged window film on all the windows so you could always have the blinds up. Your plants will have enough light and you will feel alive, and more efficient.

Work in color

Don’t go after trendy colours. Choose colors that speak to you.

Optimize your space

You cannot work in a messy home office. Utilize your space effectively. Tuck in printers, filing, etc in drawers and corners. Put cabinets up to the ceiling with varying types of storage and use all your vertical space. Organize supplies with a wall hanging pin board.