“Just living is not enough… One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” Author Hans Christian Anderson once said.

Freedom is indeed a vital element of happiness, and spending time outside in the sunshine is crucial for our physical and mental well-being, according to several studies. Now, a new study says that flowers don’t simply enhance your living room’s aesthetic appeal but impacts our health and well being, too. They have superpowers and can do wonders to mind, body and soul. No wonder they are called the vitamin F! Flowers are life. Here is why:

They reduce stress

According to a recent study, a majority of people feel stressed every single day. This is especially the case with women who feel stressed multiple times in a day. The study was based on a survey involving around 200 women in different age groups for two months. They were given a questionnaire to fill to measure their stress levels.

After five days, some were given freshly cut flowers, others were rewarded with a luxury candle, and some were given nothing at all for their participation. The most stress-relieving impact was found on those who received the flowers. They showed a tremendous reduction in stress, based on the questionnaire.

They boost your mood

The women who received flowers showed a great improvement in their mood, the study notes. According to researchers, flowers give a health-promoting environmental exposure as it provides contact with nature.

And not just for women. For men, too!

Another study noted that flowers induced a positive reaction is not just women but men, too. People in elevators were randomly handed out flowers and it was later found that their mood suddenly changed after receiving the flowers. So, to elevate your mood we suggest cultivating flowers, or keeping cut flowers in your home.

They bolster your relationships

The level of compassion that we feel for others increases when we are around flowers, according to another study. And to those in need, we show more willingness to extend a helping hand. Even your romantic relationship with your partner can improve and you will also enjoy a better relationship with others when you are around flowers!

They boost your memory

Another study was conducted on those aged 55 and above. The moods of the senior citizens got a big boost, thanks to flowers. And not just that, their episodic memory was impacted positively when they were around flowers.

A scientific explanation to this phenomenon is that flowers smell so strongly and they are so fragrant that they are linked with memories. Therefore, parts of your brain associated with memory are activated by the smells of flowers.

Now, you know why people bring flowers when they go to see a patient in the hospital. And why lovers gift flowers. They bring a smile to everybody’s face and they bring you happiness and energy!

So, surround yourself with fresh flowers by placing them in your home and be filled with freshness and happiness all day long.