In any home flooring is a major consideration. It can be the talking point and inject personality into a room.

 If you are planning to renovate your home or busy designing your new home these flooring ideas will help you.

Ceramic Flooring

Create continuity

You can make your rooms seem bigger by creating continuity between your indoor space and outside space. You can ensure continuity between your interiors and your garden by using wooden boards inside and decking outside. 

Ceramic tiles that resemble wood

If you don’t want wood floor use ceramic tiles that look like wood. They add a pop of personality to the interiors and are available in different colours, too. With ceramic tiles, you can match the extended look of decking and floorboards. With patio stones laid in a similar pattern, it can be replicated outside the home. To make a connection between the two spaces all you need is similar designs. Even if the materials are different, it doesn’t matter.

To Bring the Outdoors In Use Vinyl (or even grass!)

To bring the outdoors indoors place plants strategically. To create a faultless flow between indoors and outdoors using Vinyl flooring, which has elements of the great outdoors.

For a Retro Look Use Patterned Ceramic Tiles

To embrace the ever-popular retro trend and industrial trend ceramic tiles can also be used. With industrial style furniture retro patterns work fantastically well. There are tiles for every style of home in an exciting array of shapes, patterns and colours.

Use Monochrome Tiles for a classic style

If you want influences from the Victorian era or a very traditional look opt for monochrome patterns. For kitchens black and white is a popular choice. They will look great on modern interiors as well.

To get a Shaker Style Use Reclaimed Flooring

Wooden floors have always been popular as they will bring a traditional look to the interiors. They have warmth and are very attractive too. Reclaimed wooden flooring is a popular choice these days. As no two floors will be like it will bring a unique look to your interiors and is clearly beneficial for the environment.

For a Splash of Colour Try Parquet Flooring

Try coloured parquet flooring if you want to bring more colour into your flooring. You can use little touches here and there or colour throughout the room.

Use vinyl to get Statement Flooring  

If you love unusual designs use Vinyl flooring. This is for those who want customized flooring and hates anything that is mundane and dull.