All designer jewellery is not made from gemstones and precious metals like gold.

Fashion takes its cue from tradition and legacy. And cow horn fashion accessories have been a favourite since time immemorial. Over the years they have become more refined and their popularity among the fashion-conscious tribe soared.


Fashion with cow horn

Cow horn fashion accessories are a rich blend of tradition and modern fashion taste.

Cows are traditionally valued as symbols of wealth and power and they are not just used for milk, meat, and skin hides. People have relied on their cattle to provide food, currency, and social status. Cows with long horns are even considered sacred.


Cow Horn


Cow horns are in demand to make fashion accessories as they are durable and rich in quality. In every way their aesthetic is unique. No two horns are alike. The textures and colours of cow horns are also different. Some will be ivory while others will be brown with exotic solid spots, or black and grey with stripes. So each and every cow horn is a study in design and no two are alike.

In Africa, special bone apprenticeships are taken by artisans to learn how to carve, drill, shape and cut cow horn and make it into unique designs.

Many luxury brands are selling cow horn accessories like statement rings, cuff bangles, pendants, earrings and eye-catchy necklaces and even men’s combs, which are a symbol of style and substance.

Beautiful handmade jewellery with cow horns is designed for the modern day women who love to wear natural products. Each piece made using cow horns are truly unique and highly finished off by hands.

Not just jewellery cow horns are also used to make statement luxury home accessories. Horn kitchenware is made from cattle horns and they come in different designs, colours and patterns. They include vases, glasses, toggles, dishes, spoons, bowls, horn coasters, buttons, lamp holders, and a whole lot of other gift items. A pair of horns also makes a perfect display piece for your home or office.

Cow Horn Flower Vase from Greymode

What makes fashion accessories made from cow horns unique is the fact that no pair of horn can ever be duplicated. This is because every cow like a human being has its own God give D.N.A and it is evident in its horns as well.

Just like diamonds you can treasure cow horn fashion accessories as well as home accessories or even a pair of horn display piece for a lifetime and even pass them on to the next generation like a family heirloom.