Having a well-designed outdoor area can make a world of difference to most families: it extends living space to the outside, provides a kid-friendly zone to play safely, and offers tranquillity after a busy day at work. You can transform your outdoor living space with some simple makeovers. Adding certain elements in your home or garden can bring new life to your home when done the right way. You might start by installing some water features like fountains or a pond. Lastly, it’s easy to set the right mood at night using garden lights.

Elai Fountain

When it comes to installing water features like a fountain, it becomes a great focal point in a garden. It is also great for a small porch area where you would entertain your guests. Moreover, having a water feature with water flowing towards the home holds a lot of traditional beliefs. It is said to bring good luck and prosperity to all the members of the family. A garden fountain spreads a positive vibe to the surroundings and makes everything more lively and relaxing. The sound of trickling water is music to the ears and mind. It brings so much peace to the human soul. A fine evening in the garden with only the water fountain to break the silence is a welcoming scene that will definitely be the reason why you will be more than happy, just hanging out at home.

Today, fountains have taken various interesting shapes rather than the usual large garden fountain that occupies too much space and demands a lot of maintenance. Even better is the concept of taking it indoors as well. Materials like FRP is used to make simple, yet elegant fountains that resemble to anything common in the day-to-day life like pots, rocks, plants and even bamboo.

Greymode, an exclusive store selling unique FRP home decor product has added the Elai Fountain to its product list. It is handcrafted using Fiber Reinforced Plastic. This wonderful fountain resembles a plant. It is an attractive home and garden fountain that is designed like a plant with three attractive pale yellow leaves assembled in a glossy black pot decorated with an embossed gold leaf on the front. The water flows through the successive leaves arranged in a cascading fashion and the sound provides a calm soothing effect. The fountain can be easily assembled and can be suitably placed both indoors and outdoors as well. It is durable and weather resistant. Therefore, it requires only a minimum maintenance.

Greymode is a shop that masters the art of transforming plain FRP into some interesting pieces of decor. Their collection is inspired by the ancient traditional designs like the uruli and thulasi maadam. Each piece is exclusively handcrafted by expert craftsmen and it takes a great amount of time and effort to bring the best to you. Moreover, their work is all about combining innovation and tradition. They use FRP to make beautiful decorative objects that reflect the traditional designs and the result is a more sustainable, durable and cost-effective home decor range. Greymode has an irresistible range of FRP items to decorate every corner of your house.