You may live miles away from breathtaking costs, but that doesn’t deprive you from having a piece of summer paradise at home. Tropical décor is all about comfort, ease and utility and is eclectic by definition. The style is often characterized by warm and soothing, colors drawn mostly from natural elements such as the sea, sky and vegetation. Tropical décor for home is all about combining clean lines and muted color palette of contemporary designs. Inherent to its modern design is extraordinary natural light and views of lush vegetation achieved with tactful use of wide-gauge glass and organic materials like exotic wood and cultured stones. Tropical elements will ‘spice’ the harmony in your home.

You can use bamboo, sea grass, wood, abaca, teak or many similar materials found in tropical environments.


The tropical palette is as good as it manages to resemble real tropical colors. Hence you can choose strong shades of blue, terracotta, yellow, green or brown. Here and there you can add your favorite tropical fruit color. Sand, beige, light brown are the ultimate colors of the coast. Yellow in your home brings in the brightness of the sun. Shades of green reminds us of nature, plants and freshness which can also bring liveliness in to your home. If you chose for an earthly look and cozy appearance go for red color and dim lights. Red and terracotta resembles dry and burnt soil.

Baby blue- open up your space and resemble the sky. Tropical décor for living room isn’t complete without brown finish in your theme with wood, plywood and wooden artifacts can give a compact and vintage vibe to it .



It’s impossible to think of the tropical décor outdoors without imagining dense, glossy jungles full of brightly-colored flowers. Bamboo, orchids and palm trees evoke tranquil shores. Indoor plant is a chic option to make your home look earthy, warm and mainly tropical. From getting wall installation to hangers and more, indoor plant home decors can help your home stand out and it adds greenery in your life.


 Areca palm, birds of paradise, cacti plants goes well in living room. With respect to tropical décor for bedroom is snake plant, indoor ficus plant or the spider plant and for an open dining area the best choices are Begonia, birds of paradise and cacti. Ferns, herbs or air plant suits your kitchen the best and fern, philodendrons, air plant are the best ones for your bathroom space.

Get climbers; climbers give a stylish feel to your room. You can use vintage step ladder in corner of the room and let it get covered by the climber.

Use earthenware pots to keep the plants. This can elevate the natural look in the space. you can use pebbles or shells in the base container of these plants. Placement of pants depends on their size and shapes.

However, make sure you place big plants in the corners and the small ones on the tables or on the shelves in your room.



A tropical scene includes a variety of beautiful elements-wavy oceans, shaking palm leaves, burning sunsets or loud birds. Handmade accessories made from these elements are a wise choice. Bright, splashy and abstract décor is a cheerful counterbalance to the tranquil colors used in your home.

When it comes to tropical décor ideas natural bamboo rugs, rubber sea stars, sea grass decorations or even rain forest motifs are definitely recommended. You can add some tribal, intriguing feeling with tiki totems and masks, deformed stones or indoor fountains.


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Paintings, pictures and hanging especially those of the tropical animals definitely trendy and are usually part of the tropical modern decors.

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While going for wall décor wall mural, a gallery art wall, horizontal paintings or even an over sized mirror is a wise choice. Antiques like an analogue wall clock can also give a vintage look to your dream tropical home.

Dramatically over sized vase with banana leaves is always a rich accessory for your tropical home. Comfy couch, a rocker chair or a palm chair cover can dramatize as well as personalize your tropical home décor.

Summer is always a season you can customize your home into a lovely tropical décor home.


With bright colors as the ambience it is bound to liven up the all around moral and living conditions.