How do you feel when you are at home? Do you feel calm and happy or stressed?

Your home depletes your energy or supports and nurtures you. In today’s chaotic world it is important to create a stress-free environment at home.

For creating your own sanctuary here are a few simple solutions.

Easy Tips for Creating a Calm and Peaceful Home

All rooms are important

That includes those that are unattended or unused. When we are not using certain rooms we normally ignore them and keep them closed. Unfortunately, they will zap our energy. Each space in your home should be inspiring if you want to create harmony.

Remove Bad Mojo

Your home will have things that can have a negative or positive impact on you. There will be memories associated with a picture or any showpiece. If that brings negative thoughts it will drain you. So remove items that bring in undesirable feelings.  

Conquer Clutter

Unconscious and physical chaos is the result of clutter. When there is clutter in your home it can weigh on you and won’t give you peace of mind even if you are away from home. So keep your home neat and clean. Your closet should be well organised and your dining room table should not have a pile up of all unwanted things. Remember, clutter will create tension.


Your psychological, emotional and physical levels are impacted by colour. Colour can change appetite and body temperature, which is a proven fact. It can affect your energy level or mood. Before determining what hue to paint your walls be aware of how different colours impact you.

Positive Vibes

Your home should be filled with things that bring a smile to your face. The items in your home should remind you of the good times you had. It should uplift you and give you an energy boost.

Nurture Nature

Incorporate natural elements into your space that will create a sense of inner peace and clam. Fountain, bird baths, and even a fresh flower arrangement will add a space of serenity.

Create a Slogan

Decide what characteristics, qualities, and atmosphere you want to create and create a slogan. Place this slogan in a spot which is easily visible. This will help you stay focussed.

Open those Windows

The air inside your home is more lethal than the outdoor air. Remember to take a deep breath and open your windows each day.

Plant Power

When designing a restorative home plants are important for many reasons. They help re-oxygenate and clean the indoor air as well as bring nature into your home.  

Take Action

To create a calm and peaceful home you need to take small steps each day. Remember that small steps will get you closer to your goal than inaction.

Technology Zones

Your home should have separate spaces for rest, work and play. There should be designated areas for each activity. This will create more balance and harmony.