No matter how much you clean your house, it is not possible to get rid of odours and stenches completely. But don’t you worry. You can get rid of the foul smell from every nook and cranny of your home easily. Follow these easy tips.

  1. Stinky trash

Trash cans or wastebaskets will contain smelly debris. Clean them regularly using hot soapy water. To absorb odours leave a few fabric softener sheets in the bottom of your kitchen trash can.

  1. A burnt-on food spill

If there is food spill on the oven floor or stovetop, absorb the burned smell by sprinkling salt on the drips.  This will make it easy to clean up.

  1. A musty freezer

To deodorize the pesky spot fill a clean sock with dry coffee grounds and keep it in the freezer.

  1. A smelly microwave

When you use a microwave for cooking fish a foul smell lingers. To get rid of the smell, take a few pieces of lemon and put it in a bowl filled with 1 1/2 cups of water. You can also add cloves or other spices into the water. Bring the water to a boil inside the microwave and then leave it to steam. Remove it after the water cools down. It will take approximately 15 minutes. Let the air in the microwave out by leaving the door open. 

  1. A foul dishwasher

Bits of gunk and food can get accumulated in the bottom of the machine. Pour vinegar at the bottom. After an hour run the washer through a full cycle. If the odour still persists you will need the help of a plumber.

  1. Rancid wooden cutting boards and counters

Using baking soda, or salt and lemon juice scrub the wood thoroughly. Then rinse well.

  1. A pungent kitchen

Place a small bowl of white vinegar on the stove while cooking sharp-smelling items like cabbage, fish or meat to absorb the odour. If your fridge stinks, pour baking soda into a plastic bowl with lid. Keep changing it as and when needed. Using white vinegar wipe down fridge walls to remove the remaining odour.

  1. The toilet

To deodorize your bathroom pour 1 cup of household vinegar into the bowl. After five minutes scrubbing the toilet and flush.

  1. Not-so-fresh bathroom air
Place cotton balls soaked in essential oil like orange or cinnamon on a shelf.