Decorating with Houseplant

November 20, 2019

Decorating with Houseplant

Houseplants bring life to every room. They are just as appealing as antiques and as expressive as paintings. Style your home with houseplants and bring some garden style indoors.

For Simplicity’s Sake

One of the easiest houseplants in the world is lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana). To keep it alive it requires little more than water. To display this adaptable houseplant you can use a variety of pretty planters. However, lucky bamboo needs good if not direct sunlight.

Shower Plant

With an orchid, air plants, sponge and wire shower caddy you can easily make a beautiful shower caddy garden.

Think Vertically

You can install a vertical garden if floor space and table top are hard to come by. They are quite stylish as well. Their adaptability is the best aspect of air plants. In any number of locations and in any sort of vessel you can display them.

Amp Up the Whimsy

Take into consideration the unique characteristics of your plants when designing your interiors. When planted in quirky containers air plants will give any room a quirky look.

Minimalism Always Wins

Air plants in globes are best for small homes and apartments as they let the qualities of the plant to shine through. For your air plant to shine opt for white river pebbles and clear glass globes.

Think Tableaux

Instead of the usual centerpiece arrangement create a uniquely modern table arrangement by mixing a variety of plants, vessels, and natural objects.

A Pair of Trees

To bring a lovely design element to a sitting area opt for Kumquat trees and tufts of sphagnum moss in 'Goldfish Bowl' planters. For an elegant look use identical planters on either side of a sofa.

Design With Moss

Moss can make a great addition to modern interiors with its architectural look and clean lines. You can make moss the star of your bookshelf or table. They are easy to maintain as all they need is some indirect sunlight and a little water.

Go Natural

You can add real interest and drama to your space by using tall planters made from natural materials.

Dramatic Bonsai

Indoor spaces and tables crowded with houseplants is not something all people like. Especially if the space is small too many houseplants are quite impractical. If you are looking for a decorative accent by using a single plant opt for a bonsai. This way you can define your uncluttered space.

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