Creative Ways to Display Your Crockery

June 12, 2018

Creative Ways to Display Your Crockery

A special corner for designer crockery is something every home needs. Earlier, exquisite crockery was taken out only when guests came over for lunch or dinner or during Christmas or any festive occasion. They were kept with great care in safe corners. But now they are available in plenty and are not that expensive. As a result, crockery is no longer used for special dinners but for day-to-day use.

Another interesting trend is displaying crockery in the dining room as well as kitchen instead of tucking them away under the bed or other places. Just for the decorative purpose also people are buying crockery. It adds a country charm to your home when used as a décor. It will also make your home more inviting. If you are wondering how to artistically display crockery, take a cue from these tips.


Pick the best

Decide which ones you want to display after taking a quick look at your collection. Take your décor into consideration before coming to a conclusion. To blend in well with your décor choose crockery in a neutral tone. To create a focal point, choose contrasting colours.

Mount them on the Wall

Crockery on your walls will give a warm, cozy feel to the room. If you want to hang crockery on the walls, choose those that are similar or those with unique designs. To display vases hang a wooden wall hanging boxes on your wall. You can even use wine crates to display crockery on the wall.

On A Shelf

You can display crockery on the shelf or cabinet. You can opt for cabinets with lighting. Group your collection by colour when using kitchen shelves to exhibit your crockery. This will give an organized and complete look.

Ceiling Mounted Display

You can display your crockery even on the ceiling! Just try it out and see how beautiful it looks. The effect will be truly dramatic.

Hanging Mugs

Who doesn’t like ceramic mugs? Better if they come in different colours, sizes and shapes. By installing hooks you can showcase them beautifully on your kitchen shelves. This will also make it easy to grab a mug for a cup of tea or coffee.

Floor-To-Ceiling Display

For a unified and bright look display geometric designs in a crockery shelf in the dining room. If you are looking at a floor-to-ceiling display vintage thermoses and vintage lunch boxes are great.

Open Shelves

If you use crockery daily and they are not just for the decorative purpose, place them just above the dishwasher or in the cabinet near the sink.  After every wash, you can put them back.

Metal Rods

To showcase your pots and pans install metal rods on one of your walls. This will make it easy to access your utensils when you need them. By measuring the pots and pans hang the bars at a proper distance to avoid overlapping.

Wineglass Flute

To one of your open shelves fix a wineglass flute and hang your champagne or wine glasses upside down.

Crockery Unit

Crockery units are available in the market in different sizes and shapes. You can make your pick and display your crockery in the dining room.

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