If you have a beautiful patch of spacious backyard, then you are blessed. It is not a problem if it is full of thorns and weeds. You can transform that into an amazing oasis filled with greenery and lots of colours everywhere.

You can just start off your project by fixing up your backyard, and designing a colourful garden full of flowers. You can utilize this wonderful space to host get-togethers and parties. You can do this yourself or get help from a garden designer. If you are residing in a suburban locality, the first thing is to remove the suburban-looking hedges and include some stepping stones that would lead to a bench or a sitting area. Choose a wooden bench, something like bamboo or cane. You can consider FRP products too. These products are moulded to resemble natural wood, they are economical and durable.


Thennai Bench


If you have access to the backyard from your driveway, separate the two areas by installing a wooden gate at the entrance of the backyard. Having a separate entrance also makes it easy to welcome guests when entertaining outdoors.

You can plant flowers in containers. If you want a bit of clean style, buy a variety of planters from your local market and plant your favourite flowering plants. FRP planters serve best for this purpose as they can withstand hot and cold weather conditions and are great for all kinds of plants and herbs. Add as many planters as possible, use medium size planters to grow succulents.

Another way to enhance the look of your garden is to add some focal points like an FRP water fountain right in the middle. Add unexpected decorative touches throughout the space like a mosaic ball or an antique wrought iron piece, hanging like a piece of art. You can also use antique urulis as bird feeders and bird baths. If you have a tree, add a couple of antique lanterns that hang from its branches. Also include some brightly coloured chairs for extra seating.

With such add-ons, you will begin to feel that your garden is an extension of your house – your outdoor living room.

Grow fruit trees like lemon and orange as they are quite easy to maintain. You plant them in planters or directly in the ground.

If you think you never had your own garden before, and wondered if you could ever have a garden that you would love, creating one with a splash of colour around every corner will become a place where you spend most of your time. So go ahead and try to give life to your imagination with these simple inspirations.