As temperatures outside drop incorporate winter decor to bring some warmth back into your home. To cozy up this season make use of our winter decorating ideas.

Cozy winter decorating ideas

Move your furniture

Bring your focus inward as temperatures dip lower by rearranging your furniture. Pull pieces in towards the centre of the room if you have a fireplace, and face them near the hearth for winter entertaining. Even without a fire plush upholstery and fabrics will add warmth.

It’s all about layering

Prepare your bedroom for the season by giving it a quick style update by layering in textured throws, bedding, and pillows.  

Bring in some colour

With pops of cheery colour you can avoid the winter blues in your spaces. If you have neutral spaces add a boldly patterned pillow or a bright throw.

Maximize natural light

It’s time to maximize natural light that is still available as the days are shorter. Above a mantel display or on a blank stretch of wall hang a large mirror to reflect light throughout your space. By painting the frame an eye-catching colour you can turn the mirror into a decorative display.

Window Dressing

During the winter months even kitchens need a little TLC. You can opt for kitchen curtains in bright hues.

Seated in Style

By covering your chairs with simple slipcovers you can cozy your dining room up for the season.

White as Snow

To bring a hint of winter white style into your home, display crisp white glassware.  

Comfort Underfoot

You can cozy up the floors for the cold winter months by using fluffy area rugs. Layer one rug on top of another for a unique style statement and to add more visual interest.

Pillow Panache

For a quick winter style update layer in a few extra throw pillows. To ensure you don’t have to make any more decor adjustments choose accent pillows in patterns and colours that match your existing decor.

Cozy Reading Nook

By bulking them up with fluffy pillows and seat cushions you can keep your window seats cozy.  

Warm Up Windows

By layering on window treatments you can block out chilly winter drafts. During warmer months replace the thick curtains with sheer draperies.

Fireplace Facelift

Your focal point will obviously be the hearth during winter months. You can give your fireplace an instant alteration by using a large mirror.

Scents of the Season

The smells of the season go a long way in cozying up your home along with accessories. Bring home potpourri in wintry scents such as pine needles, cinnamon, or evergreen. Display them as a casual winter table centerpiece or prominently on a mantel.