Cottage Style Decor Ideas

October 30, 2017

Cottages radiate with unassuming furniture, charming floral prints, and relaxed but dignified decor. Here are a few ideas to make your house look like an English country haven exuding warmth.

Cottage style decor ideas

All About Windows

To ensure ample light do some simple window treatments. You can opt for a lightweight fabric. Use frills and laces liberally.

A Cozy Seat

A tucked away window seat against rustic wall planks will look cozy and comfortable. You can have built-in drawers too. Decorate the nook with a lot of pillows with frilly edges in different sizes and shapes.

Simple Accessories

Decorate rooms with vases. They look charming with or without flowers. Also, you can use any glass bottles.

Cozy Details

Use vintage fabrics to make cushion covers and pillow top. You can opt for floral prints for an instant cottage effect.

Charming Walls

With beaded board you can easily create a cottage style. They are easy to install and low-cost too.

Simple Surfaces

Cottage furniture should sport worn paint. It is easy to make your furniture look vintage. For a time-worn finish paint furniture and rough it up with sandpaper.

Classic Floors

Opt for hardwood floors. They have an easy-care surface and offer warm wood tones that look good when teamed up with subdued colour schemes and soft fabrics. In summer leave the floors bare and in winter add rugs.

Quaint Fence

Lattice adds cottage charm to walls and more. You get to buy ready-made panels.

Seaside Charm

Display found shells in clear glass containers to bring the beach home. To make your home reflect your personal style share the things you love.

Casual Dining

To add charm, bring home romantic chandeliers. If the light fixtures are too simple try adding crystals, paint, and lampshades for a cottage feel. 

Pretty Fabrics

To cozy up any bedroom choose printed fabrics in soft colours. To give your bed a boost of cottage style add a ruffled bed skirt and lots of pillows.

Show Off in Style

While decorating your cottage style home you can show off your collections with restraint.  

Natural Fibers

To make your bathroom cottage chic choose matching baskets for storing extra towels and supplies.

The Small Things

To sweeten the look add details such as pretty buttons and ribbons on pillows. For fresh cottage style keep it monochromatic and simple.

Bring the Outside In

To get the feel of the porch inside use wicker furniture.  

Make a Statement

To bring old cottage basics into a new home use architectural fragments such as old corbels, mantels, moulding and brackets.  

Sweet Touches

A dated sideboard can be made to look chic by adding vintage glass or crystal knobs.  

Smart Storage

For storage use wire baskets. They can double up as book or magazine holder.

Relaxing Bath

For an instant cottage style in the bathroom choose bathtubs with claw-foot.

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