If you own a business establishment, you will know that gifting your clients is important. You will be eager to show your clients and partners that you appreciate them in a genuinely thoughtful way. Greymode’s decor products are the perfect way to show appreciation and stay on your client’s mind.

Here are some interesting decor products from Greymode that won’t break the bank, but will pleasantly surprise your clients.

Nool Planter


Greymode urulis are versatile and can be used as decorative containers to float flowers, place decorative pebbles or as bird feeder or bird bath. They come in traditional and modern designs, and your clients are going to love them. They are ideal to be placed in a living room or garden. Gift your client a Greymode uruli, and yours might be the first company he thinks about in the morning while having a cup of tea and catching up on all the latest news sitting in his living room or garden — and that’s never a bad thing. Since Greymode urulis are handcrafted using fibre reinforced polymer to resemble different materials like wood, clay, stone etc, they are quite sturdy and will not get damaged easily.


Greymode currently has different varieties of fountains, which can be placed indoors or outdoors. And each fountain has a never-seen-before design. For instance, the Moongil Fountain has faux bamboos and granite-like bowl arranged in a rustic fashion. The well detailed life-like leaf and frog highlights will certainly bowl your clients over for sure. Its gentle water flow provides a soothing effect. All the fountains can be easily installed without any tools and come with submersible pumps.

Accent tables

If you are wondering how a table will qualify as a unique corporate gift, here is why. Greymode tables are no ordinary tables. They are creative masterpieces, which can be doubled as a seat. Take for instance their Aanthai accent table. It is a decorative low stool, which can be used as a short stool or foot stool, both indoors and outdoors. The design features a tree stump, textured with minute details of barks and grains and depicts an owl living in the burrow! There are many other interesting designs. Like all other Greymode decor items, these tables too are handcrafted and have a durable fiberglass construction. Who wouldn’t love to have a lightweight, water resistant, easy to clean outdoor accent table as gift?


Now, there is no doubt that planters make a great corporate gift. Greymode has an exotic collection of fiberglass planters ranging from small indoor planters and pots to large landscaping pots. And what is unique is their design. There is a wonder element in most of them. For instance, the Nool planter is a table top planter made to look like a book! It is so meticulously crafted with minute details that you will easily mistake it for a book. It will add a zing to a study room, bed room and living room. All Greymode plant pots can also be used as bird feeder, bird bath or uruli.