If you have an organized and clean closet it will streamline your morning routine, and you will have more space to keep all your new clothes and shoes. Try some of these ideas to make the most of your space.

Hang Strategically

If you hang clothes without even thinking about it you might end up with a disorganized closet. Hang skirts, tops and blouses above built-in shelves, and pants and long dresses when nothing is underneath to keep things sectioned off.

Use an Entire Room

If you don’t have a closet, convert your office into your closet. And you can stash whatever you want.

Try Wicker Baskets

To keep junk out of sight storage baskets are the best. On open-shelves they look chic as well. And they are very affordable too.

Use Wasted Wall Space

Hanging accessories like belts and scarves that take up valuable rod space. To create a personalized display for your collection, use the unused wall space by attaching a towel bar.

Use Built-Ins

You need space to store your accessories and not just shoes and clothes. For storing scarves, jewellery and sunglasses built-in drawers are perfect.

Hang Your Rod Higher

You can fit more below your clothes when you boost the bar higher. And underneath your hung-up garments, you can squeeze a shoe rack or dresser.

Add a Dresser + Mirror

Consider moving your dresser inside a walk-in closet. You can also keep an oversized mirror on top. It will be easy to get ready in the morning as everything will be within arm’s reach. You will have more space in your bedroom too.

Put Shoes on the Door

If you have a lot of high heeled shoes you can hang them on the inside of your door by fixing rails. This way you can create more space in your closet.

Keep Your Top Shelf in Shape

Your closest will be more organized if you use shelf dividers. They prevent piles from toppling over and allow to keep different items separate.

Get Creative with Bulky Clothes

To store bulky items like sweaters use shoe organizers. Before stowing them away roll the sweaters so that they won’t stretch.

Hang Purses on Hooks

For hanging purses in your closet shower hooks are perfect on the hanger rod. This way you can ensure that your bags are not misshapen.

Organize Thoughtfully

The way you think about your wardrobe is the best way to organize your closet. For instance, when you get ready, do you think first by season, by garment type, or in terms of occasion? With this in mind, you can arrange your clothes.

Use Office Organizers

For storing, clutches and wristlets magazine files are the ideal shapes. They will come in handy especially if there are no racks in your closet.

Style Your Space

To add character to your closet a piece of art, a mirror, hanging wallpaper, or fun colors are all easy ways. Stay away from stuffed animals, books and flowers, which will collect dust.