Indoor plants in a decorative planter will liven up any dull room and make it look fresh and colourful. They immediately transform the ambience of a room and add a warm touch to your interiors. Planters can be used in many ways for interior decoration. We show you how.

Senthaal Planter

Planters on corner shelves

You can create a happy corner in any room. If you have space constraints, place planters on corner shelves. Adorn them with fresh plants and use the shelf to store books and accessories. It will make the room feel more cozy and bright.

Wall planters for your bathroom

Place decorative planters in the bathroom. You can have an accent wall, which can be decorated with fresh plants. Use wall planters in any shape and place them at altered heights on the wall. Fill them with ferns or other durable plants that need little nurturing.

A rectangle planter at the entrance

You can brighten an entry way or entrance by placing a rectangle planter with a tree inside. Fill it with soil and pebbles for that special touch. The tree should be small enough to fit in that space but big enough to stand out.  

A vertical garden for the kitchen

A vertical garden in the kitchen will look classy and elegant. You can grow herbs that you use for cooking in them. However, these plants will need a lot of sunlight.

Classical hanging planters

Classical hanging planters will never go out of fashion. In fact, they are having a revival in popularity, and with their space saving design they are a perfect fit for small spaces. Hang them from the ceiling or beams to present their full beauty.

A planter near the window

One single beautiful window box planter will enhance the look of your interiors. You can make it the focal point for the living or any other room.  

Planters as artwork

Plant arrangements can also take the place of artwork. For example, create a vertical garden with planters beautifully arranged in horizontal rows on the wall of your living or dining room. You can fill the planters with ferns or succulents and they will look as beautiful as an artwork.

Planters as space dividers

A wall with planters placed horizontally can make a wonderful space divider. It will look fresh and stylish.  Apart from the decorative purpose, the plants will filter the air.

Give a DIY touch to planters

DIY touch to planters is a fun process. You can transform an ordinary planter easily with a few creative strokes. You can paint planters in different colours or you can use chalkboard paint to write the name of the plants on them. Another idea is to cover the exterior of the planters with old socks.

Replace curtains with planter wall

Planter wall can also be used as a substitute for curtains. You can create a green and fresh space and at the same time have privacy. The plant boxes will cover the indoor space, but at the same time they will allow sunlight to filter through.