With these easy-care species you can bring the outdoors in and add some green life to your space.

You know where the soil is dry as dust, where it’s constantly flooding and which side of the house is partly shady or gets full sun. But when it comes to indoors the air can be much drier and there won’t be enough light.

Choose the Best Plant for Every Room in Your House

The nursery is filled with dazzling range of exotic plants and you will be tempted to bring them to your house. But how can you decide which room they should live in or how do you decide what will work best?

Here are some tips which will help you find the best greenery for each room.


Aloe vera is a good choice if your bathroom gets enough light. Since it is just like an ointment it will be easy for you to snap a leaf off and use it for minor abrasions and injuries. Choose tropical plants if there is not much light in your bathroom. Philodendron mican is a good choice. If you are choosing trailing or hanging plants, hang them close to the window.


Chives, basil and lettuce are great for the kitchen. They can be placed near a partially shaded window or window box. It will be easier for you to add them in your salads if you grow them in your kitchen.

You can also keep plants that need a lot of water in the kitchen. Add a cheery begonia in the kitchen for a burst of colour.

Living Room

Big potted plants that can be placed on the floor are best for the living room. But make sure you know your light requirements   before choosing. Dracaena colorama should be your choice if you have a lot of light. Lush Kentia palm is also best for the living room and they don’t need much maintenance as well. Try a member of the Sansevieria family if you’re looking for a plant to be placed in a dark corner.


A plant will make your bedroom calmer. A banana plant is an excellent choice for the bedroom. It will make you feel like you are on a vacation. But it requires a lot of direct sun. If your bedroom doesn’t have that much light choose a palm, like Areca palm.

Windowless Room

Windowless bedrooms are a common feature in apartments. And most of the plants won’t survive such conditions. It is better to decorate such rooms with mossy branches or dried flowers. A couple of air plants are also a good choice. They are inexpensive to replace and will hold out for a while without light.

Garage or Shed

If it always good to be surrounded by plants when you are working.  Pick a succulent that will survive without a lot of water in minimal light like Clivia Lily or Gasteria.

Kid’s Room

Children love plants, but they might not take care of them. However, they love to spray water from a bottle. For the kids’ room air plants are a perfect choice because they love getting spritzed and need high humidity.