After a long tiring day at work, we all crave to get back home to a serene environment. The quote "Home is where the heart is" is very apt for those who find peace at home. You might decorate your home with flower pots, wind chimes to enhance the environment you want to live in. But have you ever considered setting up an indoor fountain right next to you on your table or a wall? Yes, having an indoor fountain is easy these days and makes your home more tranquil. The soothing sound of water flow is considered to have a positive effect on stressed souls.

How to find the perfect fountain?

To get the perfect fountain for your home is more of an art as it should suit your living space. There are many factors that you need to consider while getting an indoor fountain. First and foremost is to jot down your budget that you are ready to shell out for buying the fountain, installation, accessories and maintenance. If you want to place the fountain in a particular place, assess the type and size of space. The fountain should neither be over dominant nor look subdued in that particular area. It should blend with the surroundings. The fountain should also match with the color and decor of the area surrounding it. If for example, the interiors are made of wood, then a fountain that would complement the wood material is appropriate. The shapes, corners of the living space and the furniture also matter while choosing your indoor fountain.   

Moongil FountainMoongil Fountain from Greymode

Types of Fountain

There are three types of fountains which are tabletop fountain, floor fountain and wall fountain. As per the area available you can choose any of these types. A tabletop fountain would be apt if you have a table or a flat surface to hold them. You need not have a very large space for this type of fountain. Tabletop fountains can range from very small to quite large ones. Floor fountains are suitable if you can afford a large space. They can enhance the decor of the interiors to a larger extent because of its larger presence. They come in a variety of designs and sizes from modern, to abstract. They can be quite an attraction if placed at the entrance. Wall mounted fountains are the most expensive of the lot. If there is not much space for a tabletop fountain or a floor fountain, then the wall mounted ones are the best option. They can be mounted on any wall as long as the supporting wall is strong enough to hold the fountain. All these fountains come in a variety of styles like contemporary, oriental, cascade, water wall, whimsical and modern.

Materials used for indoor fountains

There are a myriad of materials that are used in fountains these days, each of them being unique and having its own beauty. The indoor fountains come in copper, steel, stone, marble, fiberglass, slate, bamboo, ceramic, river rocks. Metals like copper and steel are the most popular fountain materials used. They are very durable and also cleans very easily. Stones and marbles are the most classic fountains materials. They can be made into any form and makes a nice decorative piece. Fiberglass fountains are very versatile and getting popular these days as they are durable, not very heavy and can be molded into any design resembling any material.

Advantages of indoor fountains

Larger fountains are more of a focal point and makes a strong presence. Also the larger fountains creates a better and beautiful view with the water flowing from a height which is not very visible in the smaller tabletop fountains. Indoor floor fountains are the best way to improve the visual appeal of your room. They are cost effective to purchase and maintain too. They provide instant beauty and tranquility. You can choose the type of sound you want the fountain to produce. If it should be a gentle noise(like a gentle mountain brook) or a splashing sound. The floor fountains act as a humidifier when the air is dry in the room. It improves the quality of air to a larger extent that the other fountains. They come with some additional features like lights, water-purification system, self cleaning capabilities.

The view and sound of any water source is always relaxing and calming for the mind. We go to the beaches, river and waterfalls for such an impact. But when you can own a smaller version of these water sources in the form of fountains, then definitely your home is the best place in the world.