Humans have been bringing plants indoors to benefit their lives for thousands of years. They add warmth to our interiors and have a calming effect on the inhabitants.


Calming Effects of Houseplants


Here are some of the benefits of houseplants.

  1. Houseplants boost your mood

According to research, in the soil a particular microbe is present and that works as a natural antidepressant. By releasing cytokines it boosts your mood, and leads to the production of serotonin in your brain. These outdoorphins just by being around soil boost your mood!

  1. Houseplants reduce anxiety

Plants make us feel calm. You feel a sense of relaxation looking at a green, living plant. Studies conducted on patients in a hospital room show that patients in a room with plants were less anxious than those without plants.

  1. Houseplants teach us to slow down

You need patience to take care houseplants. With plants shortcuts don’t work, as is the case with our own health. To maintain a houseplant you need to take care of it properly. Only those who are disciplined will be able to do so. And those people who are able to do so will take good care of themselves as well. We are stimulated all the time and as a result our brains are chronically stressed. To slowly water a houseplant you need to take time out of your day. To see how it’s feeling you need to carefully check its leaves. This activity will give your brain the much needed break and will calm you.

  1. Houseplants give us a sense of purpose

Taking care of a plant gives us a sense of purpose as a living thing that is alive is empowering and beautiful.

  1. Houseplants improve your sleep

For your well-being quality sleep is crucial. Indoor plants can improve sleep and there are several reasons to prove the same. Houseplants will purify the air and this will naturally improve the quality of sleep if placed in your bedroom. Before going to bed your mind should be clam. You will feel calm by simply looking at plants. While choosing plants for your bedrooms choose those that release oxygen even at night. Snake plants release oxygen and hence they make an excellent choice.

  1. Houseplants reduce the effects of stress
A research conducted on a group of people reveals that those who are surrounded by houseplants can deal with stressful situations much better. If you feel stressed in a certain environment, try putting houseplants in those rooms.