Bookshelves can add style and personality to everything from the nursery to the living room. In any room they are often the focal point. Bookcases can be used to display your favorite décor, and personal gifts, too. All you need is an eye for design, colour and balance. Here are a few tips to make the process easy.

Keep it personal

To add personality and warmth to your bookshelves place personalized decor like unique frames and photo collages on them. Family photos should be kept below or at eye level for your guests to see them.

Curate your decor

To display your favorite items bookshelves present a great opportunity. And they can be kept in any room. As much as possible, stick to similar textures.

Floating office shelves

To add color and depth to a room line an open wall with floating shelves. In an office these bookshelves are particularly helpful. You can stay organized as it will free up desk space.

Styling cubed shelves

Cubed shelves are easy to customize. To a neutral-toned room white cubed bookshelves will look perfect. You can add removable cubed drawers and bursts of color in your book selection.

Rainbow book trees

Book trees act as a great focal point. They enable you to display books in layers. For a rainbow effect group your books together based on colors. Start with white and then add colors on your way up.

Floral wallpaper

By lining the back with attractive designer wallpaper you can make a plain bookshelf stand out. All you need is wallpaper paste and some really good designer wallpapers.

Rustic charm

It is possible to match the books and décor to the bookcase. You can create a rustic charm this way. Display personalized home décor items, and for a pop of color, add photographs.

Reading nook book loft

Games and books can be incorporated in a reading nook book loft. It can even be shaped like a tree house. For holding all their favorite reading use bungee cords.

Curtain clean up

When you need an extra bit of storage in a small space the bottom shelves of a wooden bookcase can be covered using a canvas curtain. You can hang the curtain on a wire instead of using a curtain rod.

Bedeck with birds

In any bookshelf design ceramic bird decor fits perfectly. You can use them as bookends or just place them on top of a pile of books. For a cleaner look, stick to the same color scheme.

Mod Wooden Kids Shelves

For a modern room design use low to ground wooden kids shelves. They will look stylish and will be very accessible. For a natural look keep the wooden shelves plain without any paint.

Faux Hanging Shelves

By running pink twine between each level you can give a children’s bedroom shelves a playful look. The string will give a floating appearance though the shelves are secured to the walls. To match the twine add pink accents all over the shelf.