The transition of Urulis from kitchens to living rooms has been smooth. That doesn’t mean they are no longer used for cooking. The brass urlis are still used for elaborate cooking. But more than for cooking, they are used today as decorative pieces in homes as well as 5 star resorts.

They exude positivity when filled with water and used for floating candles and flowers.

Greymode urulis are unlike any other uruli that you have seen so far. They are unique in more ways than one. They have a unique design, which symbolises love and peace. They depict Buddha meditating below the Bodhi tree. Buddha has been portrayed as a boy and can be placed in different positions, and that further accentuates its charm.

This home decor is perfect to beautify your entrance. Keep them at a focal point, where all your guests will be able to see it and appreciate its beauty as Buddha is a symbol of love and peace.

This Handcrafted, Light weight, Weather resistant, and Corrosion free uruli is apt for home or office. It has been given a stone finish yet it is not too heavy and can be placed in any room as you wish.

It makes an ideal gift for any auspicious occasion, too. 

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