Better Ways to Display Art in Every Room of Your Home

December 27, 2017

To add interest to a room artwork is a great way. But it can be stressful to display art correctly. Here are a few picture-perfect tricks to display art in every room.

Better Ways to Display Art in Every Room of Your Home

Not too high

The mistake that most people do is hanging art way too high. The centre of the image should be at eye level. Artwork should be lower in living rooms since people are usually sitting. By hanging it one hand width above the sofa you can ensure that you’re placing artwork at the right height.

Add Visual Balance

Visual balance is very important when you hang numerous pieces in a group. Keep heavy pieces to the base and left while hanging a cluster of paintings because the eye starts on the left and it balances the weight of the items. Put the heaviest piece in the middle if you have an even arrangement.

Fill in the blanks

If the room is too big use art to make it look more warm and cozy. Negative spaces can be filled in with art. Use paintings that will blend in well with the furniture.

Create a focal point

You can create a focal point in any room be it bathroom or kitchen. If there are no windows above the sink, use paintings on the wall to set the tone.

Forget the Formal Grid

You can use a cluster of paintings and while displaying them start at the centre and move forward. It will give a more relaxed, salon-style look. Choose a colour or theme in order to keep the display from feeling haphazard.

Embrace Unexpected Objects

To add organic style to a space, choose any object with a lot of textures. Even a driftwood can look aesthetically appealing if arranged in the right way.  

Forego Frames

For a casual vide use unframed pieces. It needn’t necessarily be paintings but can even be vintage school charts. Unframed pieces will look good in children’s rooms and hallways which are high-traffic areas.

Stack Vertically

A vertical arrangement would look best in tight areas, such as a corner wall or between windows. Mix in one piece particularly wider than the rest of the frames for a playful twist.

Go Big

To make a towering statement in a sitting area use one oversize piece.  

Less is more

When you have a textured wall less is often more. Against busier wallpaper patterns uncomplicated graphic works also tend to work well.

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