Everyone is in search of peace and prosperity at his or her home. But very few are actually guaranteed of it. Thanks to the science of Vastu at home. There are a lot many ways by which you can apply Vastu when it comes to home decor to achieve inner peace and happiness. Even though the market is flooded with Vastu products, every product is unique in itself. One such Vastu product, which is strikingly gorgeous, is Uruli. Here are some of the benefits of placing Uruli at your home according to Vastu.

Benefits of placing Uruli at home according to Vastu

Uruli is simply a bowl which is generally placed at home by filling water in it. Uruli is available in a lot of materials, though brass is the most preferred one. Brass is highly revered by the Hindus and looks absolutely gorgeous in any environment. The bowl features several designs; some feature god idols sculptured on the exterior of Uruli; some others include artistically and intricately designed engravings on the surface. The choice is multifarious.

Next is the significance of placing an Uruli at home. Water generally denotes wealth and so water element should flow inwards as it represents wealth flow. Therefore, an Uruli filled with water covered by flowers or lemon placed facing the main door is regarded auspicious. Instead of simply keeping a normal bowl of water at home, you can give a wonderful touch to your decor by alternating it with a beautiful Uruli. 

Now then, where will you place the divine Uruli at home? You can place it in your Pooja room before your idols. It can also be placed right in your living room well complimented by other decor items and related interior design accessories. If you feel your Uruli will look good on your balcony or entrance area, then choose the right place to enhance peace of mind at home.

Next, how will you decorate the Uruli? All you need to do is pour some fresh water into the bowl, float some fresh flower petals on it and you are done with it. Try it out with rose petals first, and then any flower you prefer. In the evening time, you can let small fragmented candles float quietly on the surface of your Uruli. Not only will it lend a ‘wow’ feeling, but something that is really invigorating and refreshing any time at home.