Vastu Shastra is a science of architecture which follows Hindu traditional system. It includes certain principles and practices which form an important part while planning any architectural design, be it for residential houses, commercial buildings, town planning, forts or anything.

The vibes created due to entertaining the vastu shastra of  house is much healthier and happier than the non-vastu buildings is the claim made. It also gives some form of assurance when you are buying or moving to a new house.There are lot of articles and blogs talking about Vastu shastra in English on the internet but this blog is quintessential because of its simpler format and easy understanding.  So without any further adieu here is a list of vastu shastra tips  for beginners

  1. The Living Room:-

This is the only space in the house that serves as an open playground to a variety of energies entering your home.  Vastu suggests that the host must face the North or East when guests visit.  And guests must be seated opposite to the host. Also all electronic items must face South, the direction of fire.

A Pair Of Elephants: A pair of elephants energize certain living spaces for good luck. Protection, good luck, wisdom, and fertility are believed to be the main energies brought by the symbol of the elephant into any living space, be it home or office/business. A way to welcome your guest with a warm intention is by placing an uruli, which is a bowl of water with flowers and decorative in  a classic south Indian fashion. These are to be placed at the front door facing inward to signal good luck and blessings entering the home

Pair of white elephants

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Chandeliers Lights: Chandeliers create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in any room that conventional ceiling and wall lights can't really provide. The crystals and glass in chandeliers reflect and refract light, which causes it to spread out through the room in different patterns.


  1. The Bedroom:-

 The vastu shastra for bedroom is important as the room must stay in a positive state.  Free and abundant flow of light and air in the bedroom is an absolute-must. Placements of Mirror, Safe and Wardrobe should be carefully done to have a positive effect of vastu. Bedroom location other than south-west needs a strong vastu correction. Harmony crystals, relationship paintings, love symbols etc. can be used to correct vastu defects of the bedroom. In vastu shastra which direction is for sleep, is a common dilemma which is left unaddressed. The general idea is that you are advised to sleep in whatever direction you so please excluding the north side.  But the ideally the vastu shastra sleeping direction would be east


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Paintings or Photo Frames: The pictures or images with which you surround yourself can have a powerful effect on your love life. All art in the bedroom should invoke love and you should feel inspired. It is also psychologically beneficial as it evokes a  feeling of love and comfort while you go to sleep


  1. The Kitchen:-
  • Vastu shastra of kitchen is very integral and to set up a kitchen in South-East corner or the North-East corner is advisable. Burners and stoves must face south while the drinking water should always be positioned in the North-East side.  The Sun emits more ultra-violet rays in the morning hours than any other time of the day, which have good effect on human body and the environment surrounding him.  These rays have tendency to kill bacteria.  Hence in accordance with vastu shastra for kitchen eastern side is preferable.  
  • Never Keep dustbin in North-East corner of your house. Keeping a dustbin in North-East corner could drain your energy.
  • Electrical Items such as microwaves, mixers and juicers should be placed in the South-East corner of the kitchen.


  1. The Prayer Room:-

Prayer Room is one of the most important and auspicious places in any house.  In accordance with the scripts prescribed for the vastu shastra in home, the Prayer room serves like an engine that drives and circles various energies throughout the house. Hours between 3am to 6 am are ideal for Yoga, Meditation or study as it is very quiet and peaceful.

Images or idols of Deity or god should be positioned in such a way that devotee faces east while making a prayer. West is another alternate location for the prayer area.


Buddha Idol:

The idol are said to radiate the energy of peace and calmness around you. Placement of budhha idol is preferable if it is in the north east direction. Apart from having religious significance, Buddha head idols also act as a great object for decoration and beautify the surroundings. You can place it at your home or workplace.      

This direction of the north east also happens to be the direction of the element water. Thus placing a marble or copper pot containing water at the northeast direction of the home would prove powerful. A Buddhar uruli is a simple but effective solution to this conundrum as it combines both the aspect of this vastu shastra.


Vastu Lamp: Camphor Lamp is a lamp that spreads peace and harmony in your house. Camphor Lamp balances and harmonizes the environment around us. Vaastu lamp brings positive energy to your house. It neutralizes negative energy coming to your house. You may keep Camphor lamp anywhere in your house.


  1. Bathroom and Toilet:-
  • East is a good location for a bathroom used for bathing purposes only. In addition, there should be many openings and no obstructions in the East so that the beneficial ultraviolet rays of the morning Sun will engulf the house.  Since the West gets very heated up, it is beneficial to have less used rooms like restrooms/toilets, which serve as buffers to the heat.
  • Modern bathrooms are made with bath area and toilet in a common room. It is advisable to keep a curtain between the toilet and bath area.
  • Choose a round mirror for the bathroom, and remember never to place it opposite to the toilet.

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There are a lot of vastu shastra books which can be downloaded for free in Tamil and in Hindi.  Some vastu shastra books you can check out are Mahavastu, Lal Kitab, The journey of vastu shastra and Mahavastu remedies.