When you look at Asian interiors you will find a lot of home decorating ideas using bamboo. The use of bamboo can be traced back to 5000 years. It was first used by the Chinese to make a whole lot of eco-friendly products.


Bamboo - The best organic home decor idea


Bamboo is ideal for decorating modern eco style homes. It is not just an exceptional interior decorating material, but an excellent building material as well.

From flooring and wall art works to cloth hangers, floor mats, wall covering, decor accessories and even furniture, bamboo is used to make a wide variety of products to beatify your home. They have a cooling effect and will enhance the aesthetic appeal of any modern home. The unique texture and pleasant wood colours make it just right for decorating indoors as well as outdoors.

Bamboo plant is currently in demand because interiors designers have started using it instead of wood, which is extremely costly. Just like wood, bamboo flooring materials and furniture are durable and strong.

What make bamboo a better choice than wood is because bamboo grows very fast while a tree takes decades to grow. Hence, bamboo products are indeed an eco-friendly choice. For airy and visually spacious interior decorating the natural colour of bamboo plant is just right as it is light unlike wood which tends to be on the darker side.

Modern homes now sport bamboo wall covering and even wallpapers. A popular alternative to wooden floors is bamboo flooring. Bamboo has other advantages apart from its light colour and durability. It is not heavy like wood but is equally strong. Not only that. When compared to hardwood floors bamboo flooring materials are much cheaper too.

Bamboo products are far better than polyester or inorganic cotton home furnishing as they will give an organic, natural look to interiors. For creating a rustic, warm ambience indoors and outdoors bamboo rugs can be used. Bamboo rugs will last long. They will not get easily damaged and can withstand the vagaries of weather.

To add beautiful and natural eco style designs to your home decor you can opt for bamboo chairs, cabinets and shelves, bed lighting fixtures and wall art works.

Bamboo Planter

To transform your interiors with unique texture opt for bamboo window blinds and shades. Bamboo window coverings are a wonderful alternative to synthetic and plastic shades and window blinds. With bamboo products you can instantly give a facelift to your interiors.

For interior decorating bamboo textiles and home fabrics are a stylish option as they are versatile and beautiful. The natural bamboo fibres are now used to make beautiful home fabrics for bamboo curtains, bed sheets, tablecloth with napkins and towels. A bamboo home fabric is perfect for eco-friendly interior designing as they are organic as well as inexpensive.  

Excellent eco friendly home products are made of this renewable plant. Adding green ideas to your home decor is now easy with stylish, chic and affordable bamboo products.