A messy house radiates a lot of negative vibes, but a neat and well arranged house can calm you. The same applies for your office, too. If your office sports a drab decor, it would indeed affect the productivity, creativity and happiness of the employees. Make your office a bright, attractive space that motivates your employees and impresses your visitors.  Follow these decorating ideas.


Pinnal Planter


Accent with the personal or quirky

Your office should reflect the spirit of the company. When the designing part is over, add a few personal touches. A feature wall with your company logo is a must. Add a few accent pieces as well as kitschy and handmade accessories.

Trade in your corporate art

Most companies will display wall art with inspirational phrases. Make your own custom-made wall arts with verses from a famous poem, or excerpt from a book. Since it is custom made it will look unique and attractive.

An alternative to the whiteboard

Whiteboard is boring! Use a chalkboard, instead. They are quite trendy and more stylish than a white whiteboard.

 Use decorative planters

Decorative planters will give a unique look to any dull office space. Place decorative planters not just at the entrance or the reception areas. Every cubicle should have one.

Invest in a water fountain

A water fountain for home decor is a great addition to any home, office or garden. They are a beautiful focal point in any room. In addition to the decorative aspects, the soothing sound of water will have a calming effect on all those employees who are stressed at work. 

Bring in the outdoors indoors

Any peek of nature will soothe the senses, so make sure your team connects with the great outdoors while at work. Place live plants that will survive and look great. Something green and alive at work will boost their creativity.

Colour coordinate

Blend neutral shades or stark contrasts to suit your taste. If it is a publishing house, use quirky, high vibe colours. However, law firms don’t have such liberties when it comes to colours. More sober, neutral colours and darker colour scheming will be the best bet. The colours on the wall should complement the furniture and other fittings well.  

Get some bean bags

Bean bags look great not only in houses but offices, too. They can be used in a million different positions. Use bean bags in your meeting room. Four bags and a coffee table and you have a great meeting room!

Add shelves

If you have an empty boring wall, fill it up with a long bookshelf or a couple of them. It will give a professional look to your work space as well as adds character to a dull looking room.