If you love anything and everything ethnic and traditional, then you must also be a fan of handcrafted items. To create a traditional decor you need not just antique furniture, but also unique items that are beautiful and artsy. At Greymode they focus not just on handcrafting exquisite designs but also their functionality as well.

Annam Uruli from Greymode

For instance, Greymode urulis are multipurpose bowls. They are not just decorative containers with an ethnic twist, but you can also use them as bird feeders or bird baths or just to float flowers, or place decorative pebbles. While they add an ethnic touch to your home or office, their practicality cannot be overlooked.

These home and garden decorative urulis look as if they are made out of wood, clay, stone etc but are, in fact, handcrafted using fiber reinforced polymer and hence are quite sturdy and will withstand the vagaries of nature.

Greymode has different varieties of urulis like Maadu uruli, Yaanai uruli, Kamalam uruli, Urumeen uruli etc. A new addition to this wonderful collection is Annam uruli. And just like all the other designs, Annam Uruli also has a unique style and serves a purpose. It makes for a great gift, be it any special occasion like a house warming ceremony or a wedding.

Annam, which is also known as Hamsa in Sanskrit, is a mythological bird in Tamil Sangam literature known for its beauty and ultra soft feathers. Greymode has taken inspiration from this gracious aquatic bird, which is a spiritual symbol of South Asian culture, to design this multipurpose uruli. This decorative container resembles a granite stone bowl. It has traditional patterns all over with the Annam placed right at the centre of the uruli painted in white. It is perfect for your entrance, pooja room, balcony, patio or garden.

It may look quite heavy with a rough exterior, but since it is made using Fiber Reinforced Plastic, it is lightweight and durable.

If you are looking at gifting options or just to pep up your home or office, Annam uruli will be the right choice. Geymode is also giving discount for this handcrafted decorative item. Now, you have more reasons to buy one!