The great outdoors are extremely relaxing, but in this fast paced world it is not practical to go to the wilderness on a daily basis to feel nature. Though, your urban life doesn’t allow you to go out and enjoy nature, you always have the option to reach out to nature right from your house by allowing a little nature into your living area. A few nature inspired designs can make you feel closer to nature.


Aanthai Low Stool - Fibreglass Home Decor


Designers choose nature for their greatest inspirations. Nature inspired furniture transforms your home into a warm place as it connects you closer to nature. If you live in an urban, concrete jungle, this type of furniture would be perfect for you. Why don’t you make way for nature into your home by adding a piece of furniture that looks like a tree? We present you a unique design inspired by trees.

If you expect to incorporate a little natural style into your home, make sure you don’t go overboard instead of adding just a little for a touch of relaxation. What you need is minimalistic natural elements, not a forest. The idea is to bring a little nature to your home, not to make it look like you live in the middle of the woods. You can achieve this by adding a few simple nature inspired elements like a fine piece of furniture inspired from nature.

Designers find ideas in the form of warm-toned materials, designs fetched from the atmosphere, and patterns that go with the ripened grain. One such creation from Greymode is this decorative Aanthai low stool. It is a decorative low stool with an attractive natural design and function. This product goes a step further from nature inspired furniture with its unique fibreglass technology. This FRP home decor can be used as a short stool or foot stool, both indoor and outdoor. The design features a cut wooden log or a tree stump, textured with minute details of barks and grains and depicts an owl living in the burrow. It has a sturdy fibre built which can withstand all weather conditions. This makes it perfect for outdoor, garden and patio furniture. It is handcrafted, light weight and weather resistant. It is made out of Fiber Reinforced Plastic and contains fine wood texture resembling natural tree stump.