Indoor Fountain -The Beauty and Magic of water brings interiors come alive

Indoor fountains are strong decorative elements that reflect the sharp personality of indoor spaces. Indoor fountains are placed at communal spaces, hotel lobbies, malls, restaurants and other private areas to display style and vibrancy of the interiors explicitly. There are varieties of fountains starting from the simple contemporary design, wall fountains to the cascading waterfalls. Any kind of indoor fountain if kept aesthetically can bring life into any room or space. The journey below takes us through the contemporary indoor fountains found commonly in India.

Paanai Fountain

Adding up the glam quotient

Indoor fountains focus on appeal and form a fine combination of elegance and decoration. Indoor fountains are recommended best near chatting spots like lobbies in hotels and drawing rooms in homes. Indoor fountains symbolize lavishness and have the remarkable ability to instill tranquility in the surroundings.

Getting to understand the foundation of indoor fountains

Well maintained fountains are a wonderful sight to see with the soft rustling sound of water  giving a soothing feel to the ears. However at times the sound of the falling water may get a bit too high if the nozzle has gone off and to avoid this there are different types of jets and low noise nozzles available. It is important that the nozzle does not get the water to splash in indoor fountains.

Water Factor

Water flowing in the fountain needs to be at its best. The entire beauty of the set up depends on the smooth flow and cleanliness of water. One needs to take care that the water is treated to keep it devoid of any odour. There should be a filtration system installed nearby to keep the water clean. A clean water flow and a noise proof jet nozzle light up the charm of the fountain.

Traditional indoor fountains look all the more attractive when they are adequately illuminated. This means a providing lighting arrangement that is tuned according to the flow and speed of the water. In some cases a soft music is played at the back ground and the lighting is set according to the beats of the song played. Such fountains are found in hotel lobbies and restaurants. Proper lighting in fountains adds up to the sheen and ambience of the room. The lighting in indoor fountains needs to be carefully chosen because they should not interfere with the room light. In such situations it is better to analyze and then accordingly give the electrical connections for illuminating the fountain.

Indoor fountains do not have thick nozzle to avoid internal splash of water. Hence lighting solutions can be worked out in a unique way that provides a classy touch of modernity in the most natural way.

The Classy Make

The overall design of the fountains should have a finish of textured slate, marbles and decorated stone pebbles. That gives an impeccable look to the whole architecture. The interior design consultant should give ideas on the ways to hide the junction box, lighting wires so that the look is not disturbed at the same time safety is not compromised. Further to give a larger than life size appeal to the hall, museum and inside premises of buildings wall fountains with cascading flow and LED lamps are preferred to provide a refreshing refinement to the visitors.