Timeless or traditional is often used to describe flooring materials. These descriptions are not a marketing gimmick but are actually historically accurate. Since the ancient times in one form or another, some of the flooring materials have been around. For instance, natural stone flooring. But have you ever thought of a time when humans lived with animals in a house and the flooring they have had used? Some of the facts may indeed surprise you.

The First Floors

The ground itself was the very first floor used in interior construction. Before erecting the structure above it the soil was often levelled off and cleared. To make it slightly warmer in winter and to soften the surface straw or hay was often used. To provide some degree of padding cured animal skins may also have been draped over the earth.

After using dirt and straw, people slowly started exploring new flooring and then came tiles and hardwood.

In the 70s fully carpeted floors gained in popularity. But carpets were used much earlier.

Thousands of years ago the first carpets were in fact produced. To be exact, 5000 B.C. Until the 17th-century, which saw the rise of the Persian rug, woven fabrics were primarily used as a table or wall coverings. They are still used today and are one of the oldest flooring options.

And it is not just carpeted but even tiled floors were used by our ancestors. Around 4000 B.C. ceramic tiles were used. But it was in the 12th century that the style became truly popular. To create patterns on cathedral floors it was the monks who started using it in the 12th century. In almost any room, today you will find them. But it is in the kitchens and bathrooms that they are most commonly used.

Hardwood floors are one of the most popular choices today. It was in 1600 A.D that the sleek style of hardwood first showed up. People began using more elegant types of trees to create wood floors in the Baroque era. Now, even to purify the air in your home hardwood is used.

Many other flooring options have surfaced in more recent years. In the 1960s engineered wood became popular and in 1970, laminate began to be used widely.

In the 1990s bamboo floors came to be used as people started searching for more environment-friendly options. It was also more durable, natural and easy to maintain. And it could resist damage caused by insects and moisture.

It is not possible to predict what kind of flooring will be popular in the near future, but floors with built-in cooling and heating are something we all look forward to.