It is the decorative finishes and personal touches that make a home feel homely. If you are not sure where to start follow our tips.

  1. Wake up your walls with artwork

You can make a house feel homely overnight. If you need a patch up then it will take more than one evening but if a blank wall is the problem we have got it covered. Bring home artwork. Not one but lots of it. To create a more “pulled together” space you need a lot of artwork. And also make sure not to hang them too high. To ensure a truly curated look that will allow your home to look more lived in mix large pieces with clusters of smaller pieces and vary the medium and style.

  1. Pep up with dried flowers and plants

Foliage is your friend if a quick trick is what you’re after to add ambiance. With a little bit of greenery you can brighten up a stark shelf, a dark corner, or unhappy mantel. Plants can rid your home of toxins and help to purify the air too.

  1. Consider underfoot comfort with rugs in proper sizes

A plain or bland floor can suck the life out of your living room. For additional comfort as well as to create an animated scheme what you need is a rug. They truly do create a warm and homely feeling.

  1. Clean, declutter

Untidiness and clutter can cause feelings of stress. Your abode doesn't feel all that homely if your countertops are piled high with soiled plates and laundry lays unwashed for weeks. Invest in extra storage and make an effort to clean and declutter regularly.

  1. Use more candlelight

Switching up your lighting is a good option to make your home feel warm and welcoming. The entire mood of a room can be altered by layering light sources. Soft lighting will transform a space instantly. Feelings of angst are triggered by harsh, fluorescent overhead lights. For a warm glow you can also opt for string lights and candles. In an entryway or dining area adding table lamps to consoles is a nice touch. For the living room floor lamps are a good option.

  1. Invest in home improvements that can improve the quality of life

When it comes to cozy living comfort is key. Invest in items that will improve the quality of your home life, such as cookers, showers, mattresses, heaters, and sofas, and you’re sure to feel more at ease.

  1. Add extra throws

Cushions and throws can make our houses feel homely instantly. To create a more inviting feel drape soft blankets and hang chunky curtains. Layer sofas with two to three different sizes of pillows. Make sure that they vary in pattern or texture but at the same time should complement each other.

  1. Embrace a calming colour palette

Certain shades of paints and wall papers are ideal for a stress-free living. Opt for soft greens, blues, neutrals and pinks. For relaxing living, it is better not to opt for bright, neon and some dark shades.

  1. Play more music

If you are feeling there is still something missing, bring home a good music system. Music has the power to transform people completely. You can control and alter the mood of the space with music alone. It will help you feel more relaxed.  When entertaining, this is especially helpful.