9 Open-Plan Kitchen Ideas to Make Your Home Shine

September 16, 2019

9 Open-Plan Kitchen Ideas to Make Your Home Shine

During prepping and cooking an open-plan kitchen provides scope for greater sociability. It is best for modern informal lifestyles. However, to design a kitchen that integrates easily with the living area, it takes some skill. It is especially a challenge in smaller homes and apartments. The key factors to the design are a cohesive decorating approach, sound control and clever zoning.

Your focus should be to make each space seamless but separate. Here are 9 tips for making the most of your open-plan space.

  1. Make it family-friendly and functional

An open-plan kitchen has many advantages. While cooking, it allows you to easily socialize with your friends and family. While your children are playing in the garden as well as during homework time it also enables you to keep an eye on them.

  1. Think about your layout

While you cook the guests should be able to interact with you. So think about where they will sit and where you would like to eat. Breakfast bars are essential in an open-plan kitchen. You can opt for skylights to light up the kitchen and dining space.

  1. Join it up

Open-plan spaces usually have a great sense of flow as there are no walls to obstruct views or light. But a lot of planning goes into large rooms. To cut down on footwork the classic work triangle between hob, fridge and sink is something you can opt for. Shorten the distances where necessary by using an island.

  1. Choose a simple colour palette

Hi-gloss units, monochrome scheme, and built-in stainless-steel appliances concealed behind matching cabinet doors will look perfect. When choosing appliances, consider noise levels. With clever storage solutions keep worktops clear and hide clutter away.

  1. Opt for an industrial element

An open-plan kitchen suits best in loft apartments and modern warehouse spaces. For a modern earthy look opt for vast utilitarian windows or exposed-brick walls. In proportion to the space choose an oversized island. With touches of wood and muted colours soften blocky designs and stainless steel appliances to create an inviting space.

  1. Incorporate colour

A practical way to live is by making your open-plan kitchens look super-sleek. It is an all-inclusive environment where you cook, dine, relax, work and entertain. And it’s best suited for today’s modern family. To pull the scheme together and to define individual zones you can opt for accent colours.

  1. Keep it simple and sweet

Even in small spaces you can make your open-plan kitchen shine. Always have a neat layout with appliances close at hand. For a sophisticated look, paint classic cabinetry in a dark shade. When teamed with a wooden floor it will look beautiful.

  1. Blow the budget

The flow of the space is an important consideration in an open-plan kitchen. To direct traffic subtly curves are great. The curved end will also ensure there are no sharp corners to knock into. It is especially a great option when you have children around.

  1. Break down walls

To transform a dark, cramped room knock down walls to produce one larger, open-plan area and make good use of all the extra space and light. To separate the cooking area from the living space use sliding doors or glass screens. And for a relaxed eating area consider bar stools.

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