Art and decor play a major role in today’s lifestyle. Anything without art is just a mere arrangement that lacks presentation, which will definitely not look appealing to the artsy eyes of an eager onlooker. Residences, commercial complexes, green space or whatever, it is quintessential to enhance the surroundings with the appropriate form of decor. Now talking about art and decor, new and innovative concepts seem to catch up quicker than we expect. One such idea is the new FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer) decor products. They are unique and catchy for several reasons. One, they stand the test of time, they are durable than other natural and man-made products. Two, they are extremely easy to maintain. They require no or only little care to keep them in good shape. Three, FRP can be made into any shape and texture stimulating the look of many other materials that are commonly used in the décor industry.

FRP products have several other advantages that have paved way for its wide preference among consumers and architects. Today’s consumer sector is very demanding, they never encourage repetitions. They always venture for something new, something other than the ordinary, which is constantly driving the artists to invent something different to satisfy the keen eyes of the consumer. If an object is different, beautiful and eco-friendly, it instantly gets approved followed by drastic sales hikes. This is true with FRP products due to their impressing aspects. They are light weight, durable and are eco-friendly compared to the features of other conventional materials like aluminium, steel and timber as the production process for fiberglass products have little impact on environment.

FRP Polyester products are different from Plastics that the ester resins in FRP do not break down as quickly as PVA and PVC Plastics hence are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. They resistant to harsh climatic conditions and can be placed both outdoors and indoors on a prolonged basis. Moreover, they are absolutely versatile and can be shaped in multiple forms which make them most preferable to the other expensive products that have limited features. They also have an incredible ability to guise into various materials. They can be shaped just like a Moongil planter or an artistic traditional Thennai bench that is 100% FRP, only the buyer knows it. Nobody can tell the difference by sight, it looks just like natural bamboo and coconut tree planks respectively.       


Such interesting attributes of FRP has driven Greymode to manufacture FRP aesthetic decor products with such finesse. Their handcrafted products have a voice of their own to impress you. We at Greymode offer traditional, contemporary and modern decor to suit your expectations. We constantly update our products to bring variety into the art world. Our endless collections remind one thing that the world of art always has endless hopes with innovative products like FRP to lead the way. Greymode works tirelessly with the aim of making products that are not only decorative but functional to use, touch and feel as well. We have an exciting array of traditional and contemporary planters, seaters, tables, urulis that hold water and artistic fountains to bring life to every tiny nook of the building.