8 Bedroom Decorating Myths You Shouldn't Believe

January 15, 2020

8 Bedroom Decorating Myths You Shouldn't Believe

In the more creative worlds of fashion and interior decorating, there are in fact no laws you must pursue. Without fear you can pretty much decorate whatever way you like best. Still, many people fear they don’t know the "rules" well enough and are hesitant to attempt decorating their own homes. This is mainly because they’re afraid to make a mistake. If you are getting ready to redecorate your bedroom no need to fear, set these common myths aside.

  1. Furniture has to be matching

Yes, it is easy and safe to buy a complete set of matched furniture, especially if they are on discount. It is a fact that when the style is traditional or formal many beautiful bedrooms are furnished with bedroom sets. However, you lose out on individuality if you rely on a furniture manufacturer’s taste for your own décor.

Mix and match furniture. All you need to focus on is to maintain the balance. To put it another way, each piece should complement each other in some way.

  1. All Your Sheets Have to be Matching

There is really no reason you have to buy a complete sheet set. Mix and match colours and patterns and have some fun. To complement and contrast your flat and fitted sheets one of the easiest ways is to buy extra pillowcases in various colors and patterns. You probably only change your sheets on a weekly or biweekly basis but you should change your pillowcases every couple of days. So it’s best to have extras.

  1. A Dark Room Has to Be Painted a Light Color

Painting a dark room that doesn’t get much natural light in a light wall color seems like common sense. But when the light is dim, white and other light colors often take on grayish overtones.

Use a saturated, strong wall color. Navy blue, forest green, chocolate brown, charcoal gray…. make your pick and see how your dark bedroom is transformed into a welcoming, rich and elegant space.

  1. You Have to Have a Footboard and a Headboard

A vertical anchor will surely balance a large, horizontal surface of a mattress, but that anchor doesn’t have to be a traditional headboard. To substitute with something more decorative or creative, fun headboards are the easiest piece of furniture. Try painting a headboard right onto the wall or hanging tapestry in the space, or a quilt.

Many styles of bed don’t even include a footboard, but even if yours does, you don’t need to use it. There are many alternatives to traditional footboards. Leave the foot of the bed open if your bedroom is small.

  1. A Grown-Up Bedroom Can’t Be Fun

The master bedroom should be decorated in a way that makes you the happiest. Have pillows in different sizes, and the covers can be in a variety of textures. To give it a cozy vibe string some twinkle lights over the window treatments or around the headboard. Hang paintings or have mirrors in different sizes on the wall facing the bed.

  1. All Wood in a Room Should Be the Same

You can have different types of wood in one room. In fact, a contrast between the various pieces of furniture and the finishes on the floor will be great if you watch the undertones. You can opt for all cool finishes or all warm finishes of wood.

  1. The Ceiling Should Always be Painted White

A neutral bedroom will look warm if it has a cheerfully colored ceiling. For drama you can even use a dark colour or even paint a mural. However, when your walls are a very dark color it is best to stick with white as it keeps the room from feeling cave-like.

  1. Every Room Needs a Touch of Bright Color

To light up a white, neutral, or monochromatic space many people favor a bright accent or two, but it is not a requirement. It might even jar the eyes and disrupt the soothing calm of a bedroom. There are always other ways to add interest. One such way is the use of texture. Throughout the room incorporate plenty of varied textures like rustic wood furniture, nubby knit throw blanket, a faux fur area rug. Another way is to vary the patterns on your bedding, throw pillows, window treatments, and other accessories all over the room.

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