7 Design-Savvy Ideas for Open Floor Plans

July 24, 2019

7 Design-Savvy Ideas for Open Floor Plans

Casual open floor plans are a rage now and the best part is they provide endless opportunities to get creative with your furniture arrangements and decorating.

To master your open floor plan design there are definite tried-and-tested tricks. Here are a few to get you inspired.

  1. Bring in Some Symmetry

Creating a balanced look with your larger furniture pieces is an easy way to tackle an expansive space. For a sumptuous seating area, more than one sofa is essential. A big dining table and matching chairs will complement the space and will make it look more orderly and symmetrical. For some contrast add framed art in different dimensions and mismatched showpieces. For a light and airy vibe keep the color palate more neutral.

  1. Use Practical Spaces Wisely

For small gatherings open kitchens are just perfect. You can even turn the kitchen island into an everyday dining surface by adding barstools and comfy sofas nearby. It will turn into the perfect lounging space. For your upholstery, use patterns and bright colors.

  1. Create Cozy Corners

You have lots of creative freedom while designing an open floor plan. If you are a bit confused on how to bring order in a large space, start with the corners. Create cozy corners with potted greenery and comfortable chairs and tables. The dining area and cozy nook can be distinctly different. But always remember to create a more cohesive look with natural palette that spans both areas.

  1. Lay Out Conversation Areas

To delineate conversation spaces in open floor plans, rugs are the easiest way. They can tie together the room as well as help to demarcate the seating area from a cozy reading nook. Large rugs can help unify the designs and styles.

  1. Maximize for Multipurpose Use

It is always safe to consider the classic kitchen, dining and living layout in open design concept. Place your anchor pieces, such as kitchen island, sofa, and dining perpendicular and parallel to each other. This will help to have a well-balanced and clean-lined look. Keep colorful details and materials consistent to help unify the spaces. For instance, if you are using dark wood use it throughout the space.

  1. Put Wood Designs to Work

It is always best to avoid bulky furniture. Stick to furniture with slender silhouettes. Wood designs can give open spaces a classy and modern appeal.

  1. Opt for a Modern Great Room

For a sophisticate space with modern sensibility, use towering windows and high ceilings. Avoid deep colors, rich leathers and patterns. Look for bright sofas with simple designs. When it comes to art work go for minimalist abstract paintings for dining and living areas. To soften ornate architectural details in rooms use wood, gold and white color scheme.

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