Kids spend a lot of time in their bedrooms and anyone who has a teenager or tween knows this fact. A bedroom that reflects their personalities is every teenager’s dream. They want a chic and sophisticated bedroom and at the same time it should pay tribute to their adolescence. A bedroom is a kind of self expression for them. And their choices can be unusual and diverse. As parents you can tie their passions together beautifully with some planning. It shouldn’t look like something straight out of the latest teen furniture catalog or like a bed-on-the-floor dorm room. It can be tricky to get that balanced look while mixing in those timeless, sophisticated pieces. By involving your kids in the design process without giving them free rein to go wild on their space you can make the whole experience fun and easy. But before you start the decorating process set the budget and be sure of your goal.

To perfect your teens bedroom follow these 6 tips.

  1. Don’t hold back on the headboard

Investing in a classic, quality headboard or bed frame is something you need to do to update your teen’s room. To anchor the room you need a good quality, timeless headboard that flawlessly scale with your child for years to come.

  1. Include fanciful elements

Try to include playful and functional details like hanging a rattan chair. To catch up with friends or listen to music or simply curl up and read, it will be a cozy little spot. To give the room a playful, stylish and young look a piece like this will help.

  1. Make studying appealing

A place where your teen can do homework is a must in every kid’s bedroom. For a late-night study session a comfortable chair, a desk and a table lamp are essential. 

  1. Include a statement piece

You can add a bit of drama using a bold wall color or graphic wallpaper because kids love color. Focus on just one wall instead of focusing on all four walls to create an impactful look.  

  1. Use playful and bold bedding

To include an interior designer in the project is the best way to pull it all together. Involve your kids in the planning by asking for their approval and input, and make it a creative experience. 

  1. Multi-Purpose Room

A teen’s bedroom is not just a cozy sleeping area. It is a place where they hang out, lounge with friends and study. So while designing it you need to plan it as a multi-purpose room.