Summer nights can be hot and uncomfortable. But with the right bedding, you can sleep soundly through the night and forget about the temperature. It is not that difficult to make your bed feel and look a little cooler. Here are some ideas.

  1. Keep a Light Top Layer

The first thing you need to do is keep thick quilts, flannel sheets and dense comforter into storage. Summer is the time to opt for lighter comforter or duvet made from lightweight fabric like silk, linen or cotton.

  1. Use Lighter Colors

You need to refresh your bedding colours as well. It is time to get rid of any dark and deep hues like black, red and orange. With a lightweight bedspread in cheerful and bright colors like light green, white, sunny yellow or sky blue, you can give your room a cool summer makeover.

Light coloured blankets and sheets absorb less heat during the day. So when it’s time for you to tuck in for the night they’ll be cool and comfortable. Light-colored bedding is what you need if you just want to sleep cozy and cool at night or whether you want your bedroom to look breezy for the summer.

  1. Select Breathable Materials

Summer is not the time to drape your bed with heavy or synthetic bedding options. Use pillowcases, blankets and sheets made from natural fibers like silk, bamboo and cotton. They are perfect for summer as they are more breathable.

  1. Pile Light Layers on Your Bed

It is just not possible to use a thick blanket during the summer months. An alternate option is to have multiple lightweight bedspreads. Use thinner blankets and sheets. As the temperature outside changes it will be easy for you to just shed a layer or two.

  1. Sleep Under Cooler Sheets

During the summer you might not even give your bed sheets a second thought. We mostly prefer light and thin bedsheets. But what matters the most is the fabric. As you sleep bed sheets are in direct contact so you need to use fabric that will let the hot air escape. As mentioned earlier, stick with light fabrics like bamboo, cotton and linen. Another option is to go for microfiber to keep your bed cool.

  1. Keep a Thicker Throw Blanket on Hand

Temperature can fluctuate during summer months. It may drop and you might feel cold in the middle of the night, especially your feet. The feet are the coldest part of your body because they are the farthest away from your heart. And you could feel chilly despite your bedding providing the perfect temperature.

By draping a thick woolen throw blanket over the end of your bed you can avoid toes getting cold. A thick blanket at the foot of your bed will keep your feet warm if it gets suddenly cool at night.