Interior design is a way of curating the space where we work and live so that it is more visually pleasing and physically comfortable. You will notice that the best interiors will bring the outdoors indoors. We love to surround ourselves with the little nods to the great outdoors like stone finishes and wood furniture. But the most beneficial are the plants. You cannot underestimate the importance of plants in a good design – be it home or office. For interior designers the question is not whether they should include plants in their spaces, but rather which plants are right for the space they are decorating.

To include plants in every room of your home there are many reasons. They have health benefits as they improve air quality by reducing toxins in the air. Some plants can energise the mind while others can lower blood pressure, according to studies.

Plants may be an age-old approach to green living but its power to transform a space is undisputable. Follow these 6 tips to brighten up your space through plants.

Floor Plants

A good interior design plan should look for ways to incorporate plants into the space. They are the best decor accessories, as they come in a range of colors and textures. They are indeed versatile. You can accent a small, open shelving, or a tiny desk or command floor space using a plant depending on their size. If there is too much empty space in a room that has too little green, a floor plant will solve the problem. If there is an empty corner in your home, or if the space just doesn’t feel complete, instead of filling it up with more furniture add a plant. The room will look complete if you place a floor plant. However, you need proper lighting and its size should also be appropriate to the size and scale of the room. If you have a big room with tall roof you may need a taller floor plant. Consider floor plants that sit low to the ground, if you’re in a small apartment.


When you think of plants it is often the colour green that comes to your mind. But it isn’t the only color that’s available to you. Blooming plants have all of the aromatherapy and health benefits of green plants. For interior designers orchids are an all-time favourite because of their engaging, bright colour and sculptural silhouettes. They make a statement no matter where you place them.

Cut Blooms

Cut flowers can also add a little life to your space although they are a short-term solution. It is also an expensive option depending on how often you choose to replace them. However, you can change the look of the room often by replacing your flowers. They will add some much needed pops of color to your home and will refresh your mood.

Succulents & Cacti

Taking care of plants is no easy task. You will have to devote some time to the process. If you have had back luck with plants in the past consider selecting a succulent plant or cactus for your home. They will need less maintenance but will look green and lively. These plants need only a little water and sunlight, and are easy to care for. They have interesting linear shape and works very well in interiors with a more modern design approach.

Herb garden

To bring plants into the different areas of your home there are many fun and creative ways. Some plants and flowers will not only look good but also have some use as well. For instance, lavender plants help chase stress away, and are great in a home office. For the kitchen a hanging herb garden is the best. They will beautify the space and you can add them to your cooking as well. You can use wooden planters on a brick wall to create a gorgeous effect.