Accent furniture complements a room’s décor. It is a piece of furniture that stands out.

These types of furniture are not just functional but are often used for its great decorative value. You may not even have any utilitarian or practical need for it, but just like an accent color it creates a bit of excitement and serves to draw the eye in. Its purpose to an interior space is to add drama, definition and colour.

Accent furniture

There are many things to consider when shopping for an accent piece. Depending on the kind of accent you need you can splurge a bit here. You can check flea markets and vintage or antique stores. For a one-of-a-kind look, you may even make your own piece. An accent piece adds a bit of oomph to your decor so buy a furniture that delights you and something that people will not miss.

Here are ways to use accent furniture in your home.

Start With the Entry

The first thing that a guest notices while stepping into your home is the entry point, and you must use an accent piece here. An ornate chest, table, mirror or even a table lamp will work just fine. If you are looking for a chest choose something that is flamboyant, glided or painted. It should have an outstanding shape or strong colour.

Select Small Tables

Small tables are great accent pieces. Tables with interesting treatments, or shapes or colours, or inlaid or painted, are commonly used as accent furniture. They may have strong colours or lines or make from unconventional materials like fibre reinforced plastic… the choice is endless. Just make sure that it has the power to draw attention. And you can place them wherever you like.

Furnish With Large, Imposing Pieces

A large and imposing furniture can also be used as an accent piece. It could be a large painted folding screen, a china cabinet or an armoire. A plain accent piece with a striking colour can be used in a busy room, but you need to make sure that it complements other accessories in the room. On the other hand, go for an imposing, tall ornate piece if the rest of your furniture is muted.

Choose a Chair with Flair

Chairs are very often used as accent pieces. Look for a colour that bowls you over, or outstanding upholstery, or one with a strong profile.

For an even greater contrast, the accent furniture can be different from the rest of your décor. You will get amazing results by mixing two very different styles. Try bringing in a modern chair if the décor is traditional, or the other way around.  

Let Your Dining Table Be the Star

When it comes to accent pieces a dining table is a natural. You will find dining tables in different designs, sizes and shapes. Pick the one that complements the other pieces in the room as well as the dining chairs.