To keep things interesting while decorating, variation in style, texture, pattern and color is essential. It looks flat and staid when you have furniture and floors in matching wood finishes.

Most people don’t buy all the stuff in one go. We accumulate thing over a period of time. We may even inherit wooden furniture, which we try to mix and match with our possessions. In fact, we put together a room over many years and it can be a challenge to bring some symmetry and order.

We can make things easy for you. Follow these five secrets to mixing multiple wood finishes…

Watch the Undertones

Wood finishes should complement each other but they don’t need to match. To see if it is warm or cool, look at the color bias of each wood regardless of the finish and make sure their undertones match. For example, if the floor is light the furniture can be darker but in similar warm natures.

Go With the Grain

To retain the mood of the room try keeping the patterns similar if your many different woods have a prominent grain. For a more casual look opt for larger wood grains and for a more formal look choose finer grain.

Use a Buffer

To draw attention to the dissimilarity of the wood, place a wood table directly on top of a different wood floor. To smooth the transition and let the two wooden details breathe a little bit, add something in between, like a carpet or rug. On a warmer wooden floor you can place a weathered wooden table and top it up with a traditional style carpet.

Don’t Go Too Nuts

When opting for wooden floor and furniture always opt for two or three types of finishes and throughout the room repeat each finish a couple of times. This can bring a more balanced look and feel to your room and the entire space will look less chaotic. For instance, you can place dark wooden furniture on a light wooden floor.

When In Doubt, Opt for White

Wood and white work really well. If there are too many wood tones that you feel overpowering mix it with some white sections to calm down the look. You can use white on the island and even on the walls. Also, white marble top works really well on top of a dark wooden table. Use white or cream fabric to upholster dark wooden chairs.

When it comes to decorating these aren’t hard and fast rules. Just make sure that all the different wooden finishes go well together and they have a calming effect rather than a dull and flat look.